The water that brought in Humanity

Have you experienced the feeling of being cut from the rest of the world?

Being a Chennaivaasi I experienced it for the first time. Five dark days can never be forgotten. Sitting near the window and listening to the sound of the heavy down pour hoping with every drop it stops. The place itself glowed in the candle light. Floods and lost signals brought out the humanity that mankind possessed so far. Though there have been a lot of damage done the water goddess have again taught us our life’s lesson that money and technology isn’t everything in life. It is people who stand for each other forgetting your caste creed and religion.Thousands have lost their home,property, educational certificates and all other important documents and they stood in the roads with nothing but empty hands. People came in large numbers to volunteer for the victims that lost everything to the water. The best part of Chennai is we never waited for help to come but jumped in immediately to save the fellow people. The brotherhood seen here have definitely made many heads turn. Chennai is fighting back and it will rise again to be one of the strong and beautiful city ever. This incident has changed many peoples life be it rich or poor. Nature has a lot of patience but when that is lost the consequences are unbearable. They say water always finds its way and it can never be stopped. So respect nature and the people living in it cause if you do, It will respect you back. And yes this definitely goes down in the history of Chennai and our lives.

P.S: May the souls of the lives lost in the flood’s of Chennai rest in peace.

11 thoughts on “The water that brought in Humanity

  1. Well said lady….v never give up even a single person suffer…this blasting moment revert tat how strong v r….a hug condolences for those who passes away …rest in peace 😦 …. Volunteers (youngsters)r proved their proud and love by their versatile favour…..I supposed to say our quotes of chennai here # Ithuthanda chennai gethu natputhan engal soththu 🙂 hats off san to release this post and let us know the situation as like as v r before a century year…# situation as dark and the youngsters work as fantasy 🙂


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