Sound or Music



What is your favorite sound?  Have anyone asked you this question? If not ask yourselves now.

Is it the ticking of the clock or is it the sound of the rain drops ? Is it the sound of an automobile racing or is it the sound of the waves ?  Is it the sound of metals or is it the sound of a temple bell ?  Is it the sound of your mobile phone or is it the sound of laughter ? Is it the sound of leaving or is it the sound of returning home ?

Some call it music some call it sound. Be it music or sound it depends on how you hear it. When you listen to music or just plain sound those silent moments are the precious ones that you gift yourselves with.We always love listening to music composed by someone but have we ever taken time to listen to the sound of nature. We are all busy running, racing down the road of life forgetting to pause, forgetting to listen and forgetting to live. When was the last time you listened to the sounds around you? Try explaining the sound of a dog barking, the chirping sound of the birds, the sound of the wind or the simple sound of laughter to a deaf child then you will realize how much you are blessed. So why not we take time to listen? If your reading this now, pause and listen to the sounds around you there may be a music which you had missed or will miss for a life time . Take a moment and enjoy the sounds which is not only music but magic around you.

                                      Pause , Listen , Live and feel the magic

12 thoughts on “Sound or Music

  1. Very thoughtful though had a pause and looked back the sounds and music of nature been missed all these days will try to hear n listen to those !!

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