A pure connection…


Is darkness your worst nightmare or an unforgettable dream?

I was gazing at the stars and found myself lost in its eternity. Thousands of miles away yet shining with all its might.. I never wondered darkness would ever be this beautiful. Filling your eyes with its tiny little glitters. Looking into the void raises hundreds of questions for which answers can never be found. But it still brings a inner peace and you find yourself relaxing. Even which a masseuse would fail. For many I know darkness have always been a nightmare but when you tend to admire the beauty of it you will find it as an unforgettable dream. A pure connection only you and the universe understand. If you have felt that connection you would understand the feeling were words fail to explain. It makes you lose yourself into the world of infinity. Its like a book with no ending. A thirst which cannot be quenched. A milestone which can never be reached. And so if you ever get a chance of looking into the night sky in this busy world do remember to feel the connection. Let your mind wander and lose yourself in its infinities.

From a person who was fond of light now fell in love with the darkness of the night …

8 thoughts on “A pure connection…

  1. That darkness never eludes. That darkness fills us with poetic thoughts. And the stars are those glitters which shine in the poet’s imagery. Awesome. Totally loved it. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Beautiful sentiment. I love that feeling of being infinitesimal and yet part of this amazing whole, both at the same time. The night sky can do that. The last line was sublime 🙂


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