Somethings are Just Scribbled…




she’s a mystery” he commented

“you would never understand a masterpiece” he replied

The night is beautiful” she said

Only when the moon is near me” he replied

she was always afraid of darkness,


the day she got a companion in life

They liked going to the beach together,

She loved the SEA,


He loved her more than the SEA

wait” she said

“I would for a life time ” he replied

He had cold feet


he saw her walking down the aisle 

Marry me” he said

she smiled with a tear in her eye


That spoke million words 

He saw

She turned

He turned

she smiled

He saw

She saw

both smiled

A new love story began

She always dreamt of  fairy-tales

Her dream became reality

On her Wedding day


17 thoughts on “Somethings are Just Scribbled…

  1. My fav is ‘she loved the sea’
    ‘He loved her more than the sea’.
    ‘Wait’ ‘i would for a lifetime, to read a post on beach’

    Liked by 1 person

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