Closed to OPEN Again…

A little of inspiration and a lot of imagination… I would love to hear your thoughts about this… Do Comment.

337681da2e37534c307ee7a56da13252Picture courtesy – Pinterest

The door was hard to push…

It was heavy for her fragile hands. She struggled with her might every time to pull or push open. There were days she wished it was less heavy or had more strength. But today was different though it began like every day. As usual she struggled to push it open her arms sliding on the door has her body curved with all her might…

Failing she gave it one last try, wiping her hands before putting in all her strength but this time there was a pair of legs behind her and strong sturdy hands placed on the door along with hers giving her an extra force to push the door open. She turned her head to see his face catching a glimpse of those hands. He stood there behind her, Tall and shabby yet handsome with his shirt sleeves rolled up, His hair tousled looking like he just arrived from a long ride.

Beauty never have to be neat… Is it?  she thought has she looked at him holding the door open for her.

“You should ask for help” he said a voice that awakens all her senses.

“You mean help to push open a door” she asked looking at his eyes and then shifting her gaze to his watch

“Yeah, why not?” he replied with a question making a curt nod looking at her and the door.

“That would be embarrassing” she shrugged replying to his question.

“No, I would love to open doors for you…” she looked up at him and their eyes met. It was always in that brief moment an eternity was lost.

“Anytime anywhere” he said finishing the sentence as she blushed at him…

“So is that an yes” he asked

“Might probably be” she replied

This time he blushed as she walked through the door he held open for her…

6 thoughts on “Closed to OPEN Again…

  1. The picture depiction is good ..
    And yes when you are struggling and need a little push , nothing wrong asking for a help or guidance.. U will get the necessary support u just have to look around and ask for it ..


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