Is it a one day show???

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What really does independence mean?


When I ask what does freedom mean naturally your answer would be slavery or different kinds of words decorated around that. We Indians are celebrating our 70th independence day. Great! isn’t it? We have and are always proud of what our ancestors did years and years before, chasing out the British and getting us freedom and remembering them every August 15th but the question here is, would they be proud of how our country is today? would they be happy of the ‘n’ number of crimes that are happening? The answer is a definite NO. Are we adding meaning to the freedom they got us with huge struggle or is it just a one day show?

WE pledge saying all Indians are my brothers and sisters but when that same brother or sister is in trouble all we do is run. Find the shortest route possible to flee from the situation while there is another set of people who immediately turn into spectators. We love that don’t we? Standing and watching someone suffer. Afraid to raise our voices, put our lives at stake for our own people.When we are unable to do that, how can we rejoice in a freedom that our ancestors not just risked but lost lives for? Do we really have to feel the pain for us to help the one suffering?

When we turn the pages of a morning newspaper all we find is fresh new cases on murders, thefts,suicides and the cruelest of all, rapes. When something insane happens, for example, like the one where a techie was hacked to death on a broad day light when people stood there watching her die, watching her breathe her last. There where ‘n’ number of discussions, people who expressed their anger through their blogs and posts and the debates that happened over the social media. Is that all we can do? Because the very next day there is another fresh set of cases on rapes, murders and what not. When did we people whose ancestors are known for bravery and courage turn into cowards? Is it fascinating for us to see someone suffer or even die before us or are our hearts turned into stones?

people it’s time we raise our voices, stand hand in hand together for our fellow beings. Lets stop being the worst of animals and respect and treat the other just like you would want to be treated. Remember if you were being raped, if you were being murdered, if you were being robed would you expect the people to turn into audiences or to react?




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