Decision unmade…



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Every once in your lifetime you do stumble upon a person, Who makes your heart race, lips tremble, body shivers, eyes searches, blood rushes and then finally it makes you blush every single time he/she crosses you or even just a glance of them. Just like the cyclone that misplaces everything in the wrong place, that’s the same feeling you get when your eyes meet or when they start a conversation and they make you feel like your heart is beating in the wrong side or like your brain is functioning ten times slower than the usual, where you swallow for words and gasp for air.

When all this biological and chemical imbalances happens in your system you know that very instance you fall in love though you keep denying it ever since. Not knowing why but cursing because you did and the worst part that could happen is the other person who is the cause and the effect not knowing that he or she was once a twister in your life.

You will want to let them know so badly yet your lips remain sealed because, just because there is only one message that keeps playing in your head asking … saying …
Why.. , why.. , why…
Why after all this time…
It’s not because you lack the courage to tell but the fear of what if it goes wrong. Because sometimes deep in the heart you get a hunch that it won’t last long but you really wish it did. After all somethings happen at the wrong time but wishing you would have met in a different place in a different context or even a different era. But no matter how fast he or she made your hearts beat, a smile that almost slayed. Even though as much as badly you want him or her to know, to stay, you still let it go as freely as long it can fly not knowing if that’s the right decision to be made.

But trust me later in the long run there will come a time where you sit back and think of those beautiful yet painful times and in that very minute though your heart aches you will know you made the right decision because somethings are never meant to be but only admired and loved through passing of time. Just like the cyclone as it passes away after it hits. So just remember that letting go dosent make you weak but a hell lot stronger…

P.S: Letting go needs a lot of strength in the face of pain…
In one simple word COURAGE

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30 thoughts on “Decision unmade…

  1. This is so nice and I’m sure true. It reminds me of this “Silence, too, is a response. It can at times be the response of a greater love, and of a love that does not endanger truth or sacrifice reason”…
    Thomas Merton
    Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander

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