Ridin’ the Rails…. – Chapter 2

The only way to be sure of catching a train is to miss the one before it…


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The next day she eagerly boarded the same train that arrived sharp at 8:40 am to the platform number one. It was the same compartment with a small divider but the one thing that was missing was “Him”.

He was nowhere to be seen. Her eyes scanned the entire area, circumference and what not of the train but he wasn’t there.“Did he miss this train” “Was he going out of town?” “Was he a one time visitor” Her mind was scrutinizing through a hundred different questions for which answers weren’t easy to be found.

Every day it became a ritual to board that particular train but she had no idea why though he was nowhere to be seen. Weeks passed and slowly the memories of him started to fade just like a passing train.

As usual, she boarded the 8:40 train and got a place near the divider. She sat down took out her book and started to read. As she came to terms with the thought that he must have been a one time visitor she never searched for him anymore but suddenly things changed.

“Hello, Sidney,” the voice said, she was so much engrossed in the book that the voice almost gave her a jerk. She turned and saw him, yes him. He was standing near the divider overlooking her. She turned and looked at him, controlling herself from smiling any further.


“Yeah! Would you tell me your name if I ask?”

“That’s obviously a “NO”” She said as her peach colored lips turned into a circle and his gaze drifted immediately from her eyes to her lips. Seeing her reaction he smiled while the circle turned back into a  line.

“That’s what your reading,” he implied

“Oh! that’s fine Dan” She replied.

Seeing his confusing gaze her eyes glided to his hand, where he held a copy of “The Inferno by Dan Brown”

He chuckled has a smile slowly passed between the corner of her lips.

She sat there quietly reading and he went back to his position (Leaning and reading the book) quick gazes were interchanged from time to time. They didn’t smile neither did they stare. His station arrived and she raised her head to look at him leaving. He didn’t move but stood there holding the steel rod for support and was directly gawking at her. The last person got down but he never moved an inch. She looked at him and then outside at the station and his eyes followed hers. The sound of the horn was heard and the train slowly started to crawl away. She looked at him perplexed while he stood there calm and extremely handsome in a white linen shirt and his hair being tousled by the breeze. She tried to read but unable to, she just sat there staring at the book and occasionally at him. The train pulled to the last station and she got up to leave and he got down too. She brushed across him and started walking, heading towards the stairs and he followed.

“Oh god, no,” she thought her mind disoriented while he quietly followed her close. She walked as fast as she possibly can while he took long strides to keep up with her. She reached the crowd that was waiting to cross the road and she stood with them and he stood beside her. Her eyes fixed on the trafficator waiting for it to turn green. She could feel his presence seep through her with each ticking off the clock.

“Finally,” She said aloud as the indicator turned green while he smiled hearing it. She walked with the rest of them and him with her. When she half crossed and reached the median she almost tripped, he caught her hand and her world shook. It was just a fraction of second that it happened and her mind turned blank but one thing was certain her heart was pounding so fast that it would break open the rib cage. She somehow made through the other half of the road with her wobbly legs and an uncontrollably  beating heart. She continued walking forgetting which direction she had to go.

“Breathe,” he said brushing past her and with one last glance he disappeared into the crowd…

Her mind raised while her eyes searched for him in every direction…

Would they meet again was the question that kept both of them thinking while heading in different directions…

Would they?


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