Ridin’ the Rails…. – Chapter 3

Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a Train…

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Weekends are the only source of happiness for the working lot.
After a hectic week, waiting for Sunday to arrive was moving at a snail’s pace. Two days is not enough time for a weekend they said but rather she had only one day to shut down herself for a complete rest.

Saturday arrived and she was almost thrilled planning the next day off for the most relaxing weekend. She boarded the train that arrived on the same platform almost like every single day but the only difference was it being empty than the usual days. There were hardly three or four people in the compartment. It was quite and she found it peaceful compared to the every day’s noise.

She took a seat near the window and plugged her ears to the music of ARR’s and then took out her book to read. Everything seemed perfect and thoughts about him never crossed. In the following next two stations the people in her compartment got down and now it was completely empty except her. She was reading and never noticed anybody get in. The train picked up speed when a man approached her demanding money, she shook her head telling her firm “No” as people usually do that on the local train.

He approached her even closer and took the place beside her. An eerie feeling passed over her. He wasn’t supposed to be there for the compartment was only meant for women. She stood up to leave and he blocked her by touching her arm. Fear clouded her and she tried to move away but the man locked her position from getting away. Prayer was her only hope and she prayed hard. That’s when she heard a voice come in her direction.
“What are you doing here?” Said the man’s voice as she stayed eyes closed.
The man moved away from her and jumped out of the train that was slowly going to halt.

Few minutes passed and she slowly opened her eyes. No one was found, neither the man who demanded money nor the voice that saved her. It was only in that instance she knew that was the same voice that said: “Hello Sidney”. She searched for him but he was nowhere to be seen and the divider separated her to go any further. She sat down again this time her back towards the divider and for some strange reason she was feeling safe and that there was someone watching over her.

The other side of the divider he was seated and he watched her relax. He never took his eyes off her for he saw the panic in her eyes when the man blocked her from getting away. Thinking of it, he was so angry for the way men behaved when women were left alone. He concealed himself from her as much as he wanted to stay close by.

He had no reason for why he didn’t reveal himself but she was certain it was his voice that she heard and saved.

Will she find him there?
Will he reveal himself?



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