Ridin’ the Rails…. – Chapter 5


After all soulmates always end up together…



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An eager pair of eyes was fixed on him, waiting to hear the rest of the story.
Her mother grabbed the cup of coffee that was placed on the coffee table and was about to sip when Gerard spoke again.
“Can I marry your daughter?” the words came, slow, steady and crystal clear.
In that very instant all the actions that were being performed stopped and he could hear his own heart beat echoing in the room. He remained calm though he was complete chaos inside. Their eyes met for a brief moment and he could see the shock in her eyes as she turned towards her mother. Her mother placed the coffee cup on the table and looked at Gerard. Seconds passed and his heart started beating even crazier. No words were exchanged and he waited impatiently.

She turned towards her husband with a blank expression and said
“Can I have a word with you?” and her husband nodded a yes in return. They both got up and left towards the kitchen.
Minutes passed which seemed like hours and he sat there clutching his fist and looking at the love of his life, while she looked at the kitchen and then at him. Occasionally their eyes met and in that brief moment so much of emotions were exchanged.

After about 5 minutes they walked back to the living room and seeing them Gerard stood up.
“This is absurd,” her mother told looking directly at him.
“I know, I’m … I’m sorry, I certainly didn’t know…” He dragged and then continued
“It was only the moment she opened the door I knew but I’m not regretting it” he finished saying while all eyes were transfixed on him.
Her mother went near him “open your mouth” she said, with a confused expression he looked at all three of them.
“Go on,” told her father looking at Gerard. His eyes were fixed on her has he slowly opened his mouth with hesitation. Her mom immediately pushed a sweet into his mouth and smiled at him.
“But you just said this is absurd,” he asked half chewing on the sweet with a cocky grin.
“Yeah…Strange it is, because I’ve secretly wished the story would end up something like this” she said beaming at him. He gave her a broad grin in return, happiness couldn’t be contained and they exchanged a giggle together.
“Welcome to the family!” Her mom said hugging him and her dad gave him a pat on the shoulder.
“Excuse me! Do I even get to say” She asked looking at all three of them
“No” came the reply in unison and followed by laughter.
“You will when I oppose,” she said in a sarcastic tone.

He moved closer to her and she began moving backward. Her parents left giving them a little privacy.
“Look into my eyes,” he said as she kept looking at the floor. Slowly she raised her eyes; he was so close she could hardly breathe
“Will you reject me?” he asked with a sly smile.
“That’s not what I meant,” she said fumbling for words
“Well that’s good enough then,” He said walking away.

She couldn’t sleep at that night. She woke up early and got ready to leave for work. She wore a peach colored kurta matching it with an aqua colored bottom. She looked stunning in every turn she took. With the eagerness of seeing him she headed to the station. Before getting down from the auto she checked herself one last time in the rear mirror and with a smile, she left to catch her 8:40 train.

The whistling sound of the train was heard while her heart made a swift somersault. The train stopped and she got in and instantly she turned the other side of the divider. He stood there wearing a white linen shirt pairing it with a dark blue jean. He was extremely handsome and for some strange reason, she was not able to take her eyes off him. Seeing her he started moving closer to the divider while she stood farther away from it. In one swift action, he leaped to the other side of the compartment. Few of the women were staring at him, while some were uttering words like “What the hell is happening here?”

Her eyes were glued to him, wondering what he is up to.
“Excuse me, ladies, There is something I want to convey to a person right here and I want to do it in your presence,” He told them whilst curiosity filled the air. He walked towards her with his eyes fixed on hers and shuffled his way to kneel in front of her. The whole crowd waited in enticement to know what would happen next. She was shocked and it was unexpected but she knew her answer even before he could ask.
“Will you…” he started “have a cup of coffee with me…?” he paused; a tricky smile passed on his lips looking at her confused expression and after a few seconds passed, he continued “From now to a world of eternity” saying he pulled out the ring from his jean pocket while the crowd gasped.

She looked at him in bewilderment as her cheeks turned red. Seconds passed and the crowd started shouting “Say yes”. She slowly smiled at him and then showed him her hand. The crowd cheered as he put the ring on her finger.  Strangers congratulated them as their station arrived and they got down.

she suddenly stopped walking, turned and looked at him.
“What gave you the confidence that I wouldn’t reject,” she asked raising an eyebrow at him.

He smiled as he answered “I saw it in your eyes” and in return, she gave him the most beautiful smile for the rest of her life… ❤ ❤ ❤

***THE END***


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