Miracles do Happen – Chapter 1


(n.) Survival Juice


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The footsteps of a young girl walking along the deserted road, her skirt ruffling on the gravel as she walks, were the only sound heard. She stops in front of a café and raises her head to inhale the exotic smell of freshly brewed coffee and then she entered into the café which displayed a sign on the door saying “closed”. Has she enters the few people who were preparing the shop for the day, greets her. Tessa smiles at them as she enters and waves her hand at few.

“Hey there! Is everything ready? Almost time to open the café” she says

The waitress and the chefs who were grouped at one end of the kitchen looks up at her. One timid looking girl bows down her head showing respect and answers “Yes Mam”.

Tessa’s eyes widen for no particular reason and the waitress looks confused at her

“I’ve told you, just call me Tessa. I don’t like the mam, sir environment”.

Just then the manager walks into the kitchen in search of Tessa.

“Tessa! There you are. I’ve been looking for you everywhere”.

“Really? Everywhere?” She asks grinning at her.

“Well you know what I meant and you need to get ready to meet your visitor if you haven’t forgotten,” The manager says in a rigid voice.

“Oops I totally forgot” Tessa replies cringing her shoulders

“There you go” Saying, she gives her I knew it would happen look. After a minute or two, giving them the details about the Menu for the day, she sighs and then walks into her office to get ready.

 A waitress was arranging the sheets on the table while a man walks into the café.

“Sir! We aren’t open yet, will take about 15 minutes before we are open” She says as the man entered, wiping her hands on the apron.

“Well! I have an appointment” He takes out his business card and hands it over to the waitress and continues “I’m here to meet Tessa”.

While the waitress takes the card from him looking confused, the manager of the cafe runs towards them on overhearing the conversation and greets him with a smile.

“I’m sorry,” She replied giving a stern glance at the waitress

“Allow me to guide you to your table” saying she tells the waitress to inform Tessa. The waitress nods and leaves the room and after few minutes Tessa walks into the room and nods at the manager. The manager takes her leave bows at the visitor showing her due respect and leaves them alone.

“Hi David” She greets him with a lovely smile. He stands in return as she walks towards him and says ” You look splendid” hearing which Tessa blushes and sits on the chair opposite to him.

“What would you like to have?”

“I’ve heard we get amazing coffees here. So definitely coffee” he responded with a smirk.

“Of course we serve the best coffee here,” She said raising her shoulder which showed the confidence she possessed.

David smiles at her response as Tessa waves for the waitress, orders for two cups of freshly brewed amazing coffee and then she turns towards him, asking “So how’s work?”

“Great! Dealing with books is good however it’s hectic at times, in fact, this time I did keep my word and brought you a book” saying he hands over the book to Tessa. She takes it and thanks him.

“Aren’t you going to open it?

“Later” saying she keeps the package on the table as he asks the question which she has been trying to avoid.

“This is our fourth meet so far. Tes! What do you think?”

“Yes! I know you want to know the answer but I need to discuss with my parents first.” She says a little hesitantly

“But  …” as he was about to further continue Tessa’s phone rings and disrupts the environment and the conversation stops mid-air. Tessa excuses and leaves the place to attend the call. Meanwhile, the coffee was served and David took a few sips while waiting for her to return.

After few minutes she enters looking worried and confused, seeing her expression David sets the coffee on the table.

“Sorry! I’ve got to leave now. It’s an emergency”

“What happened? Is there a problem?” He asks with concern

“I’m sorry I’ve got to leave…Eh… I don’t know. Mom just called and asked me to come home.” She responds with tension surfacing in every word. Meanwhile, she orders one of the waitresses to bring her bag and stole has she waited impatiently.

“Do you what me to come along?” David asked, walking towards and giving her the package.

“No, it’s okay. Please do have your coffee and thanks for the book again” saying she exits through the door while he stood there watching her with confusion and concern clouding his mind.

Was she faking the call or Was it real?

What must have happened?

To Be Continued…

Copyrighted © October 4th, 2017-18 fetinatwinkle| purpleorangesite. All rights reserved

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