Miracles do Happen – Chapter 2

May your coffee kick in before your reality does…


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A cab halts in front of a door numbered 12. Tessa pays for her ride and hurries to open the door while the cab driver saluted and left. Tessa with a lot of tension enters her house but all she could hear were sounds of laughter and giggles.  To her dismay, she finds unknown people literally being strangers seated, two men and women with a girl aged around 17 on the sofa.

“There she is” Tessa’s Mom Cynthia saw her and held her arm while she introduced Tessa to the crowd, with a confused look she smiled at them bowing her head in respect.

She later pulls her mom to a side and murmurs “what is happening here? I thought you were in trouble or something”

Her mom ignores the question and smiles at the guest seated and then she turned towards Tessa and said “Why don’t you go to your room and freshen up”

Tessa with a little annoyance walks into the room while the crowd in the hall are being served coffee and resumes talking. When she enters her room Tessa’s eyes widen in shock seeing a young man and her sister seated on her bed engrossed in a photo album with flowers and coffee placed on it.

“What’s going on here?” She asked with a confusion mounting in her voice. The Young man and her sister both looked up at her.

“Hey hi Tessa!” the young man said giving her an extremely charming smile.

“You know my name?” she said giving him a quizzical look.

“I know a lot more than your name.”

“Wow really? haha” she gives him a sarcastic laugh

He looks at her smiling and then replies “Well actually yes.”

She looked at him with arms crossed over her chest and then she spoke, “Well then! Could you take the privilege of explaining what’s going on here?” For which Ben nods his head stating a yes in return “Right! Well maybe I should, that’s my family out there who have come to meet their future daughter-in-law”.

Hearing it Tessa looks at her sister and then at him saying, “Don’t you think she’s too young for that

“If you put it across like that, then…” He points at her sister “Sister-in-law” and then points at Tessa saying “Daughter-in-law”

“Mister! This is not what is called as explaining”

“Okay! Let’s start from the beginning” Tessa sighs hearing it but curiosity doesn’t let her stay still

“Go on” Ben gives her a big smile before he could explain any further.

“Now from all the questions you’ve asked me this far. I’m kind of certain that you don’t know me at all…”

“That’s right, go ahead” Ben nods in reply

“But I do know you… very well in fact. We used to go to the same church, not now though… earlier, I’m…” He was saying as Tessa interrupted him in midair

“You are Adrian’s brother,” She said, there was silence from both ends. Few mins passed as they  looked at each other and Ben broke the silence saying,

“That’s quite a way to remember but well I do have a name…”

“Benjamin” Tessa blurted and Ben has never thought his name would sound this beautiful to him.

She looked into his eyes and he into hers, everything around them slowed and faded well at least that’s what they thought

“Sorry, it took me this long to remember,” she said with an apologetic expression

“That’s okay! Usually, happens the first time but I was confident you wouldn’t remember me certainly not my name” he replied looking amazed and happy that she remembered him including his name.

“Right! It’s been a long time well more like a long, long time ago. Anyways what’s with this daughter-in-law stuff?” Tessa asked him with the lingering curiosity.

“Oh, that one! Well, my parents wanted me to get married so I brought them here.” Ben replied so easily, and her anticipation just grew with his easiness.

“But why bring them here?” She asked

“Because you’re here” he replied looking directly into her eyes, reaching her soul.

“Whats wrong with you?” She said, stifling herself from his gaze

“Nothing is… Tessa! Things like this will take time to explain. If you give me time maybe I could…”

“Whatever is happening right here could you please slow it down.” She said cutting his conversation in mid-sentence.

“Well I’m surprised you didn’t ask me to stop,” Ben said smiling at her

“I didn’t want to be rude,” She said innocently. He again gave her his most charming smile and this time she couldn’t resist but to smile back.

Benjamin excused himself and left the room while Tessa sat on the bed with her little sister who was still busy glancing through the photos, who had no intention of interfering with their conversation.

As Benjamin entered the hallway, his mom looked at him and asked: “so when’s the wedding?”

“Mom! Slow down a little I brought you here because you were so stubborn to see her. It’s little too much for her to take all this in, so please” He said looking at his mom with a “please understand look”. Just then Tessa’s mom spoke seeing the expression being passed between the mother and the son “She must have been shocked I guess. Why don’t we give them a little time?”

“That’s actually true! She didn’t expect any of this. So, little time would definitely help and thank you, aunty, for understanding”

“No problem, that’s okay. I’m happy we’ve got to meet at least” she said giving him an understanding smile.

“Yeah that makes two of us and I totally adore Tessa,” he said winking at her as she came out of her room.

They all took leave while Tessa stared at her mom for some serious explanation.

“Mom, really? Then why did I have to meet with David in the first place” she said and was waiting for her mom to answer.


What will her mom say?

Will she accept Benjamin or David?



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