Miracles do Happen – Chapter 4

Maybe she’s born with it or maybe it’s the CAFFEINE…



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The awkward conversation was continuing while Tessa prayed with every bit of hope for it to end.

“So is she from London too?” Aashi asks Ben with curiosity

“No she’s from here” he replies his eyes fixed on Tessa

Tessa stands next to him concentrating on their conversation while her eyes are fixed on the racks of DVD in front of her. Though wanting to flee she stood there for curiosity was playing games with her mind.

“So, what you doing here?” Ben asks Aashi

“No… I’m actually meeting someone here in the café” Aashi replied


Right then a person walked into the café hearing the sound of the bell that chimed every time a person enters made Aashi turn towards the door.

“Looks like he’s here…” Aashi says smiling and waving at him. “Okay, Benji it was great to see you. Let’s catch up sometime” and she gives him a hug and hands over her card while making a hand gesture saying “Call me”. Ben politely takes the card and inserts it into his jean pocket.

Aashi starts jogging to the person, while Tessa walks towards the door hastily and Ben follows

“Ah! Really??? Girlfriend????” Tessa asks rolling her eyes

“I’m sorry, it’s a long story and I just took help” Ben answered

“Nobody takes help instead you ask for it.” She turns to face him and replies little furiously

“Right so if I had asked would you have helped?”


“Then?” he asks waiting patiently for her reply

“I would have maybe” she looks at him thinking and then continues “considered”

“So taking help from someone who would help isn’t wrong” he retorted

“whatever” saying she sighs

Ben stops, looks at her and smiles “Hey! Sorry! I mean it”

Tessa looks at him with curiosity and asks “So”


“Are you going to call?” she asked with hesitation clouding her voice


Surprised by his answer she continues to ask further “No?”


“So is it a no or yes?” she asked being a little impatient

“No for your question and yes for your no” Ben replied calmly

Tessa takes sometime before she could ask anything more“But you took the card”

Asking she turns towards him; Ben admires Tessa biting her lip impatiently waiting for his answer. He takes time before answering

“I didn’t want to be rude.” he said

Tessa laughs while Ben looks at her awestruck. They stood seeing each other not knowing what to say or do.

“So… I’ll leave then, now that you have found the best music” Ben said, to which Tessa nodded.

“Thank you, though the outcome is yet to be known”

“Yeah, so what time is it?” He asked simply a way of prolonging the conversation with her as he didn’t want to leave.

“It starts at 6pm” She pauses and looks up at him and continues speaking “don’t be late”

“Did I just get invited?” He asked smiling at her and she smiled back in return nodding a yes.

“Right, see you at the party then,” She said while taking a few steps away from him.

“Call me,” Ben said while a silent glance passed between them and then he continued saying “well if you need help with something”

“Ah! Yes” She said smiling and turns to leave with a quick wave at Ben.

Ben and Tessa turn to leave in the opposite direction but suddenly Tessa stops, turns around and calls out


Ben stops and turns back, looks at her and waits for her to approach him.

“Wow! That was certainly music to my ears” He said

“So cheesy!” Ben grins hearing her comment

“You told me to call you if I needed help”


“ehh… But you forgot to give me your number” she said

“Unbelievable, first time in history a girl has asked me for my number” saying he grined at her playfully

“Ah!! Forget it” saying Tessa started to move making glances at Ben while he gave her a charming smile, Tessa just stared back at him.

After a few jogs he catches up with her “Sorry” he replied still controlling the smile. “Well now if you please” saying Tessa hands him her phone and Ben typed in the number.

“Well now I can call if I need help,” She said snatching the phone away from him. Ben looked at her and noded. After exchanging a smile Tessa walks away while Ben stood there with a smile seeing her go.

Tessa was busy preparing for the party and in ordering the waitress to check on the list of things she had given. She then walked to one corner of the café and climbed up the ladder to hang the remaining lights. Just then Ben entered the café

“Wow! The café looks really busy” He said walking towards the ladder. Tessa looks down and finds Ben dressed in a linen white shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans, his hair in a mess which made him look extra handsome.

“You’ve come,” She said looking at him with a big broad smile.

“Eh! If I’m not mistaken I was invited today… wasn’t I?” he asked looking up at her. Tessa laughs at his question before she could answer

“It’s not like “You’ve come” in the dislike note it’s rather more like “You’ve comeeeeee” you know more like the happy note.” She said making cute expressions giving Ben million reasons to smile.

“I’m glad if it’s the happy note” Ben replied

“Believe me it sure is” came her quick reply

“Looks like you didn’t need help”

“What?” She asked with a voice sounding confused

“You never called?” He said

“Looks like you expected…2 minutes! I’ll be back on the ground once I’m done with this” saying she continued to hang the lights on the ceiling.

Ben moves closer to the ladder and says “Give me those. I’ll do it”

Tessa looks at him while he waves at her to come down. She nods her head sideways has Ben persuades her to come down. While she was trying to get down from the ladder she slipped and with a reflex reaction, Ben caught her immediately. Tessa’s expression changed as her eyes met his

“Careful, you would have broken a leg,” he said still holding her

“Didn’t you mean the ladder?” she said winking at him

“I seriously meant your leg,” he said giving a little laugh and Tessa couldn’t stop admiring his handsomeness

She gave a shy smile at him as he released her from his hold. The lights were fully tangled around her and Ben slowly untangled it as she twirled to get it off her which matched the soft music that was being played in the background. They looked lovely together spoke the waitresses who watched them from one end of the room. He then climbed up the ladder and hangs it with Tessa’s assistance

“Ah! Done, Turn it on let’s check”

“Ok,” she said and shows a hand gesture to one of the waitresses to turn on the switch.

“You said the party starts around 6pm”

“Yeah I did but then they just called a few minutes ago telling they will be 15 minutes late.” She said looking at the lights as they glowed brightly in the evening hue.

“Now that makes it romantic,” he said pointing at the light as Tessa smiled at him.

“So is there anything else I can help you with apart from cooking. I’m really bad at it.” He said smiling back at her

Tessa gave a short laugh before replying “No everything else is mostly done and cooking is already been taken care by my chef’s. So why don’t you sit here and have a steaming cup of cocoa till they arrive” She said pushing the ladder to a corner.

“Are you sure there is nothing I can help you with?” he asked again looking at her with sincerity

“Yes Mr Benjamin Ajay” She replied looking at him after one whole minute.

“Well, then cocoa sounds perfect if you could join,” Ben told her showing his hands towards a table.

“I would like to but I’ve got the last minute checks to be made on the guests arriving,” She said though she didn’t want to go

Tessa leaves, after a few minutes the waitress brings him a cup of hot coffee. While Ben smiles and thanks her, she places the coffee on the table before him. Tessa looks at him from the other corner of the café smiling and after doing her last minute checks, she walked from the kitchen towards Ben. Finding the chair empty she starts to search for him.

“He was right here,” she told herself searching for him

“Yup Right here! Looks like you are searching for someone” Ben replied seeing her. Hearing his voice she turns to see while Ben stood right behind her with a smile.

“I wasn’t searching for you” Tessa replied to his comment

“Well! I never told you where searching for me either” he retorted

“Right that’s what I meant too” she said looking away

“But I was the only one who was sitting right there,” Ben said pointing to the place he was seated moments ago.

Finally, Tessa accepted her defeat and replied “okay! I did search a little bit” she said at last. Seeing her expression Ben laughs while the manager walks towards them.

“Tessa! They have arrived” she told her

“Oh okay. Where are they right now?”

“In the parking lot,” the manager answered her question

“Alright! Ask them to turn off the lights and to play the song when they enter” Tessa replied.

The manager follows the orders as instructed by her. The guests wait in complete silence waiting for the couple to enter. Tessa stands next to Ben has the couple arrives; the song starts to play while the lights come back to life.

“Nice way to surprise” Ben whispers in Tessa’s ears

“yeah! Lucky girl” she whispers back to him

“Maybe” Ben replies smiling looking at her. Tessa gives a curious look back at him and whispers “enjoy the party!”

Tessa moves away and walks to the couple has the birthday cake is brought in and the party begins. Ben was astonished to find some of his old friends who have come to the party and was talking to them.

“OMG! Ben, is it really you? Been ages we last saw you” one of his friends exclaimed. Laughing Ben replied “Yeah! Been some time but I was here last year and they told me you were out of country”

“Ah! Yeah Australia, Business trip” the friend replied

“Great to see you guys here” Ben called out seeing them

While Ben and his friends were involved in a deep conversation with champagne in one hand, a girl entered the café in a sexy outfit.  His friend’s see her surprised, seeing that Ben turns to see who it is and is shocked. They wave at her even before Ben would tell his friend not to, they call out to her and Ben sighs

“Lindsey! Over here” called out one of Ben’s friends

Lindsey turns and finds the group of people and walks towards them. When she is almost near she spots Ben standing among them, being surprised she walks towards him with a smile.

Who is she?

Will he talk to her or walk away?


Copyrighted © January 12th, 2018-19 fetinatwinkle| purpleorangesite. All rights reserved

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