How far would you go for Love…?

This is dedicated to the person who I haven’t seen or met.

For that someone who took his last leap for the sake of love.


Picture courtesy – Pinterest


Would you walk on thorns to collect rose petals
Or would you freeze to death collecting snowflakes

Would you stay up all night to see the sunrise
Or would you drench in the rain to quench your little thirst

Would you walk for miles just to have a final glance
Or would you sail across oceans to see a little land

Would you write poems to proclaim your love for the world to know
or would you write a thousand letters and hide it in your secret safe.

Would you walk on fire to set your heart free
Or would you climb the highest mountain to take a final leap

Would you hurt yourself if she says a gentle no
Or would you walk away to see what life as in store

How far would you go for love….?

How far would you really go…?

Copyrighted © February 12th, 2018-19 fetinatwinkle| purpleorangesite. All rights reserved


53 thoughts on “How far would you go for Love…?

      1. I said angry with me?? Missing fun chat with used to laugh a lot..suddenly you become silent because of that comment..And I said that I never meant in any way..!!??


  1. This is amazing,when you feel deep feelings for someone,your heart will make you all these things,it will make you walk through thorns,and drag you through fire,but all just for her glance to have her in I am guy uts her for me

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I do it every it’s common for me😆😆.But the response has to be from both sides..som women are like “this is not private site,so I can’t answer those questions” that’s fine..but if I get lot of Lola,roflols and haha’s. .then it would go on…..and …on

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    1. true! that sentence depicts a person who made a wrong choice and lost his life for the sake of love. That’s the reason that line talks about the choice he made but rather walk away to see what life as in store is the choice i hope others make.
      Thank you for taking your time and letting me know 🙂
      i greatly appreciate it … Once again than you so much ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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