A 45 minutes drive with a stranger…

Sometimes trusting someone is like a life or death situation… 

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Though she always takes the train to work, this time she had to use a different transportation. Her workplace had been temporarily shifted to a different location. There was a huge event coming up and they had to work on the site. The change did make her feel good but the transportation service made it difficult.

The work pressure was increasing as the event dates were nearing and it was indeed too much to handle. Sleepless nights were spent on n number of coffees also by travelling to and fro. The team generally started stretching their work hours preparing inevitably to make the event possible and a sure success.

One such day she had to stretch, for the work was not finished and she didn’t want it to be left undone. She finally got her work finished for the day and analysed things that had to be done the next day, having wrapped it up she left for home. As usual, she took her mobile phone to book a taxi. After two minutes of watching the line travel between the dots, she managed to book one. The estimated time for the cab to arrive showed 7 minutes. After a quick refresh which took up 4 minutes, she walked towards the main entrance.

She waited in front of the gate, watching her stand alone the night guard on duty stood outside the gate giving her a moral support. A smile was exchanged between them. After a minute or two, the cab arrived a little shabby and it’s windows rolled down. Seeing the car number she got in. He asked for the OTP number and she dictated it to him. He punched in the numbers and the drive began.

The 5 minutes silence was broken by the sound of the window pane closing. The driver switched on the A.c, she was watching out of the window, seeing the vehicles passing by and the voice of the driver distracted her.
“Are you from Chennai?” he asked
Though she had a little hesitation to answer the question, she still did say “yes” and nodded with confidence.

The silence continued again but this time with uneasiness preoccupied with her. She switched her gaze back to the window. After few minutes of time, the driver spoke yet again

“Do you travel to work this far?”

she looked at him for a brief moment their eyes met in the rear mirror. she shifted her gaze immediately while replying a yes in return.

Now it was difficult just to sit there and stare out the window while her curiosity insisted her to check the rear mirror. After a minute or two, her eyes flashed back to the rear mirror and the driver’s pair of eyes shot back at hers. She stared back at him hoping he would change his gaze but it was her who finally did.

After a 15 minutes drive the driver again spoke
“Do you take the cab every day?” with irritation crowding her voice she waited before responding. Hearing no response the driver turned and looked at her knowing she couldn’t evade the question further she answered a silent yes while her insides screaming “Could you please shut up and drive”.

After some time she took out her earphones and plugged in, with music streaming she started to relax a little. She checked her watch and it showed 10:30. She literally felt time crawl by. It was moving so slow that she wished there existed some kind of superpower to speed things up. After a song or two, the curious gaze of the driver fell on her and the rear mirror was the proof of that.

The cab took a fast turn towards the right and her head slightly banged on the window. Though she had to be in pain it was the fear that clouded her eyes for the roads were so dark and empty. She tried searching out through the window in a source of finding one soul or at least one lamp post pass by, but all that she could feel was the gaze falling on her often. Praying hard she finally asked him
“Why did you take this route?”
“It’s a short route,” he said scanning her through the rear mirror.

The dial on her watch was ticking and she could literally hear the sound of it. She tried calling her friends but was it fate or coincidence, all seem to be busy that day at that particular time. She hoped someone would call and like an answer to the prayer and it did finally ring. She saw the screen and her guy’s number shown bright with his picture. She swiftly slid the green button and answered the call. His voice so comforting and eventually the road lit up. She loosened a little while basking herself in his voice. Time flew by and the cab finally came to a halt, realized she had reached her safe haven and disconnected the call. She reached for her bag to pay the cab fare and that time the driver spoke

“Mam, not all drivers are bad and sometimes trusting them can be your only choice,” he said taking the fare amount from her

“Sorry” She apologized

“It’s okay mam! you are not to be blamed the society is” he said as she got down from the cab.

As she was about to close the door, the driver yelled
She bowed a little and looked at him
“I kept talking and seeing through the rear mirror that you don’t fall asleep” He finally answered the question she had been thinking all through the ride.

Hearing his answer she finally smiled at him while getting one in return…


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