Day 6 – Eye Contact

This is a 365 days Challenge… Each day I will be writing about different random things.If you think it is fun you can certainly join this challenge.
All you have to do,
1. Post the name of the blog that inspired you to take up this challenge
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#6 – Eye Contact

Some eyes sparkle from the inside out…


Picture courtesy – Pinterest



Today I’m posting a brief from one my stories that I have written and hidden in the corner of my bookshelf.

With no further delay here it comes…

Do read and leave a comment below, it will help me certainly to grow…


“This is the final boarding call for the British Airways… ”
was heard loud and clear.
She knew she had to leave but the pair of eyes that were looking at her never made her move an inch. Her legs were frozen to the ground and she could hardly walk. She never thought she would ever feel this way.

She wished time would be still or even reverse, neither of which is possible at all. Those eyes were fixed on her. Tears made her vision blurry she didn’t want to break down in front of all them especially not in front of that particular pair of eyes. people around her were bidding bye and kissing away their loved ones. They always say Airports sees a lot of sincere kisses and tearful adieus.

There was no time left she got to leave now. She walked up to the eyes which were still looking at her. She never wanted to see them in pain but she was left with no choice. She kissed him on the cheeks and made one last eye contact before she walked away.

Never looking back…

Copyrighted © May 7th  2018-19 fetinatwinkle| purpleorangesite. All rights reserved


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