Day 7 – The Rocket-ship

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#7 – The Rocket-ship

If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship. Don’t ask what seat. Just get on…


Picture courtesy – Pinterest

Spaceships, Rockets, and Aliens have always been a captivating subject mostly to all of us.
When I found out that today’s prompt was Rocket-ship I thought of telling something fascinating and intriguing.


55 years ago a small rocket took off from the outskirts of a small village. A small church dedicated to St Mary Magdalene was located on the Earth’s magnitude. Few young Scientists approached the Reverend who lived in a house adjacent to the church. When they asked him permission to acquire the church and the nearby land for their space project, the Reverend requested them to attend the Sunday mass where he could ask the parishioners for their opinion. These young scientists belonging to different religions they attended the Sunday mass eagerly waiting for their answer.

At the Sunday mass, the bishop explained the parishioners the importance of the scientific mission and what it would bring the country. Hearing the Reverend’s words they agreed and granted permission. The village people moved to a neighboring village and a church was built while the old church became the workplace and the Bishop’s house was turned into an office.

These young scientists with a little funding but with a lot of dreams started assembling their first rocket. In the initial stages that village didn’t have a canteen and hence the young scientists along with the engineers cycled to the main town to have their breakfast and dinner packing the lunch along with them. Weekdays were spent busily working on the rocket ship while on the weekends they would go to the beach or catch up on an old Hollywood movie.

Once the assembling is done they would be carried on bicycle and bullock carts to the launching pad. It was through this time that India first launched a Nike-Apache rocket supplied by NASA.

The village was named Thumba in the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram and the surprise element is APJ Abdul Kalam sir was also a part of that crew.

Now isn’t that a fascinating story to tell…

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