Day 14 – The Closed Window

This is a 365 days Challenge… Each day I will be writing about different random things. If you think it is fun you can certainly join this challenge.
All you have to do
1. Post the name of the blog that inspired you to take up this challenge
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#14 – The Closed Door 

What’s behind the door? Why is it closed?



Though the challenge says Closed Door but I am going to be writing about a closed window I wish it opened again.
It was one of the most beautiful windows I have seen in my life. A simple wooden window which touched so many hearts and even changed some. A gorgeous woman, the best grandmother one could ask for and most of all a beautiful soul. This challenge is about her and maybe you are wondering what it is to do with the window.

My grandmother, a woman who proved that no matter what difficulties life throws at you, you can still handle it with calmness. She was our pillar of strength. She gave and gave as much as possible for everyone. And the things that she have gone through are unimaginable. The disaster happened when she fell sick and couldn’t go out. she was scared that people would avoid going close to her. So the lonely window became her best friend. It showed her the outside world. The beautiful sea to which she lost the love of her life years before. Her friend came and stood outside the window and they spoke for hours but her own son and his entire family despised her. For money played its fate. They treated her like an untouchable and she would still not complain about them to her daughters. No matter what her son did she loved him more each time and would refuse to move from his side. All this while the only one thing we didn’t know was she prayed silently for her death.

on September 5, 2016, her wish came true and she silently passed away in her sleep. She took a part of me with her and I miss her so dearly of course words are not enough to describe that pain.
From then on the window remains closed as much as I want to see them open while sitting beside her and seeing the world out of that lone window once more.

She taught me a lot of things the greatest of all is love.
She was one of the rares ones, so effortlessly herself.

I will always miss you, grandma…

Your miserable grand-daughter

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