A 45 minutes drive with a stranger…

Sometimes trusting someone is like a life or death situation… 

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Though she always takes the train to work, this time she had to use a different transportation. Her workplace had been temporarily shifted to a different location. There was a huge event coming up and they had to work on the site. The change did make her feel good but the transportation service made it difficult.

The work pressure was increasing as the event dates were nearing and it was indeed too much to handle. Sleepless nights were spent on n number of coffees also by travelling to and fro. The team generally started stretching their work hours preparing inevitably to make the event possible and a sure success.

One such day she had to stretch, for the work was not finished and she didn’t want it to be left undone. She finally got her work finished for the day and analysed things that had to be done the next day, having wrapped it up she left for home. As usual, she took her mobile phone to book a taxi. After two minutes of watching the line travel between the dots, she managed to book one. The estimated time for the cab to arrive showed 7 minutes. After a quick refresh which took up 4 minutes, she walked towards the main entrance.

She waited in front of the gate, watching her stand alone the night guard on duty stood outside the gate giving her a moral support. A smile was exchanged between them. After a minute or two, the cab arrived a little shabby and it’s windows rolled down. Seeing the car number she got in. He asked for the OTP number and she dictated it to him. He punched in the numbers and the drive began.

The 5 minutes silence was broken by the sound of the window pane closing. The driver switched on the A.c, she was watching out of the window, seeing the vehicles passing by and the voice of the driver distracted her.
“Are you from Chennai?” he asked
Though she had a little hesitation to answer the question, she still did say “yes” and nodded with confidence.

The silence continued again but this time with uneasiness preoccupied with her. She switched her gaze back to the window. After few minutes of time, the driver spoke yet again

“Do you travel to work this far?”

she looked at him for a brief moment their eyes met in the rear mirror. she shifted her gaze immediately while replying a yes in return.

Now it was difficult just to sit there and stare out the window while her curiosity insisted her to check the rear mirror. After a minute or two, her eyes flashed back to the rear mirror and the driver’s pair of eyes shot back at hers. She stared back at him hoping he would change his gaze but it was her who finally did.

After a 15 minutes drive the driver again spoke
“Do you take the cab every day?” with irritation crowding her voice she waited before responding. Hearing no response the driver turned and looked at her knowing she couldn’t evade the question further she answered a silent yes while her insides screaming “Could you please shut up and drive”.

After some time she took out her earphones and plugged in, with music streaming she started to relax a little. She checked her watch and it showed 10:30. She literally felt time crawl by. It was moving so slow that she wished there existed some kind of superpower to speed things up. After a song or two, the curious gaze of the driver fell on her and the rear mirror was the proof of that.

The cab took a fast turn towards the right and her head slightly banged on the window. Though she had to be in pain it was the fear that clouded her eyes for the roads were so dark and empty. She tried searching out through the window in a source of finding one soul or at least one lamp post pass by, but all that she could feel was the gaze falling on her often. Praying hard she finally asked him
“Why did you take this route?”
“It’s a short route,” he said scanning her through the rear mirror.

The dial on her watch was ticking and she could literally hear the sound of it. She tried calling her friends but was it fate or coincidence, all seem to be busy that day at that particular time. She hoped someone would call and like an answer to the prayer and it did finally ring. She saw the screen and her guy’s number shown bright with his picture. She swiftly slid the green button and answered the call. His voice so comforting and eventually the road lit up. She loosened a little while basking herself in his voice. Time flew by and the cab finally came to a halt, realized she had reached her safe haven and disconnected the call. She reached for her bag to pay the cab fare and that time the driver spoke

“Mam, not all drivers are bad and sometimes trusting them can be your only choice,” he said taking the fare amount from her

“Sorry” She apologized

“It’s okay mam! you are not to be blamed the society is” he said as she got down from the cab.

As she was about to close the door, the driver yelled
She bowed a little and looked at him
“I kept talking and seeing through the rear mirror that you don’t fall asleep” He finally answered the question she had been thinking all through the ride.

Hearing his answer she finally smiled at him while getting one in return…


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And so is love…



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Life is certainly unpredictable

So is the heart

And so is love

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How far would you go for Love…?

This is dedicated to the person who I haven’t seen or met.

For that someone who took his last leap for the sake of love.


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Would you walk on thorns to collect rose petals
Or would you freeze to death collecting snowflakes

Would you stay up all night to see the sunrise
Or would you drench in the rain to quench your little thirst

Would you walk for miles just to have a final glance
Or would you sail across oceans to see a little land

Would you write poems to proclaim your love for the world to know
or would you write a thousand letters and hide it in your secret safe.

Would you walk on fire to set your heart free
Or would you climb the highest mountain to take a final leap

Would you hurt yourself if she says a gentle no
Or would you walk away to see what life as in store

How far would you go for love….?

How far would you really go…?

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When you blush red….

When you blush red….


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Are you finally letting out your anger

That you  bottled up for 150 years

Or have I mistaken that for all those blushes

Which have finally turned you scarlet red

but what would I say

When you look this ravishing in blood red

Be it the anger or the blushes

that makes your cheeks rosy red

But you sure do make

All the heads turn to your left

If it’s anger

It’s good to let it out once in a while

But what would I do

If your blushing red

I simply just cant stop

The words flowing out of my head… 

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Miracles do Happen – Chapter 4

Maybe she’s born with it or maybe it’s the CAFFEINE…



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The awkward conversation was continuing while Tessa prayed with every bit of hope for it to end.

“So is she from London too?” Aashi asks Ben with curiosity

“No she’s from here” he replies his eyes fixed on Tessa

Tessa stands next to him concentrating on their conversation while her eyes are fixed on the racks of DVD in front of her. Though wanting to flee she stood there for curiosity was playing games with her mind.

“So, what you doing here?” Ben asks Aashi

“No… I’m actually meeting someone here in the café” Aashi replied


Right then a person walked into the café hearing the sound of the bell that chimed every time a person enters made Aashi turn towards the door.

“Looks like he’s here…” Aashi says smiling and waving at him. “Okay, Benji it was great to see you. Let’s catch up sometime” and she gives him a hug and hands over her card while making a hand gesture saying “Call me”. Ben politely takes the card and inserts it into his jean pocket.

Aashi starts jogging to the person, while Tessa walks towards the door hastily and Ben follows

“Ah! Really??? Girlfriend????” Tessa asks rolling her eyes

“I’m sorry, it’s a long story and I just took help” Ben answered

“Nobody takes help instead you ask for it.” She turns to face him and replies little furiously

“Right so if I had asked would you have helped?”


“Then?” he asks waiting patiently for her reply

“I would have maybe” she looks at him thinking and then continues “considered”

“So taking help from someone who would help isn’t wrong” he retorted

“whatever” saying she sighs

Ben stops, looks at her and smiles “Hey! Sorry! I mean it”

Tessa looks at him with curiosity and asks “So”


“Are you going to call?” she asked with hesitation clouding her voice


Surprised by his answer she continues to ask further “No?”


“So is it a no or yes?” she asked being a little impatient

“No for your question and yes for your no” Ben replied calmly

Tessa takes sometime before she could ask anything more“But you took the card”

Asking she turns towards him; Ben admires Tessa biting her lip impatiently waiting for his answer. He takes time before answering

“I didn’t want to be rude.” he said

Tessa laughs while Ben looks at her awestruck. They stood seeing each other not knowing what to say or do.

“So… I’ll leave then, now that you have found the best music” Ben said, to which Tessa nodded.

“Thank you, though the outcome is yet to be known”

“Yeah, so what time is it?” He asked simply a way of prolonging the conversation with her as he didn’t want to leave.

“It starts at 6pm” She pauses and looks up at him and continues speaking “don’t be late”

“Did I just get invited?” He asked smiling at her and she smiled back in return nodding a yes.

“Right, see you at the party then,” She said while taking a few steps away from him.

“Call me,” Ben said while a silent glance passed between them and then he continued saying “well if you need help with something”

“Ah! Yes” She said smiling and turns to leave with a quick wave at Ben.

Ben and Tessa turn to leave in the opposite direction but suddenly Tessa stops, turns around and calls out


Ben stops and turns back, looks at her and waits for her to approach him.

“Wow! That was certainly music to my ears” He said

“So cheesy!” Ben grins hearing her comment

“You told me to call you if I needed help”


“ehh… But you forgot to give me your number” she said

“Unbelievable, first time in history a girl has asked me for my number” saying he grined at her playfully

“Ah!! Forget it” saying Tessa started to move making glances at Ben while he gave her a charming smile, Tessa just stared back at him.

After a few jogs he catches up with her “Sorry” he replied still controlling the smile. “Well now if you please” saying Tessa hands him her phone and Ben typed in the number.

“Well now I can call if I need help,” She said snatching the phone away from him. Ben looked at her and noded. After exchanging a smile Tessa walks away while Ben stood there with a smile seeing her go.

Tessa was busy preparing for the party and in ordering the waitress to check on the list of things she had given. She then walked to one corner of the café and climbed up the ladder to hang the remaining lights. Just then Ben entered the café

“Wow! The café looks really busy” He said walking towards the ladder. Tessa looks down and finds Ben dressed in a linen white shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans, his hair in a mess which made him look extra handsome.

“You’ve come,” She said looking at him with a big broad smile.

“Eh! If I’m not mistaken I was invited today… wasn’t I?” he asked looking up at her. Tessa laughs at his question before she could answer

“It’s not like “You’ve come” in the dislike note it’s rather more like “You’ve comeeeeee” you know more like the happy note.” She said making cute expressions giving Ben million reasons to smile.

“I’m glad if it’s the happy note” Ben replied

“Believe me it sure is” came her quick reply

“Looks like you didn’t need help”

“What?” She asked with a voice sounding confused

“You never called?” He said

“Looks like you expected…2 minutes! I’ll be back on the ground once I’m done with this” saying she continued to hang the lights on the ceiling.

Ben moves closer to the ladder and says “Give me those. I’ll do it”

Tessa looks at him while he waves at her to come down. She nods her head sideways has Ben persuades her to come down. While she was trying to get down from the ladder she slipped and with a reflex reaction, Ben caught her immediately. Tessa’s expression changed as her eyes met his

“Careful, you would have broken a leg,” he said still holding her

“Didn’t you mean the ladder?” she said winking at him

“I seriously meant your leg,” he said giving a little laugh and Tessa couldn’t stop admiring his handsomeness

She gave a shy smile at him as he released her from his hold. The lights were fully tangled around her and Ben slowly untangled it as she twirled to get it off her which matched the soft music that was being played in the background. They looked lovely together spoke the waitresses who watched them from one end of the room. He then climbed up the ladder and hangs it with Tessa’s assistance

“Ah! Done, Turn it on let’s check”

“Ok,” she said and shows a hand gesture to one of the waitresses to turn on the switch.

“You said the party starts around 6pm”

“Yeah I did but then they just called a few minutes ago telling they will be 15 minutes late.” She said looking at the lights as they glowed brightly in the evening hue.

“Now that makes it romantic,” he said pointing at the light as Tessa smiled at him.

“So is there anything else I can help you with apart from cooking. I’m really bad at it.” He said smiling back at her

Tessa gave a short laugh before replying “No everything else is mostly done and cooking is already been taken care by my chef’s. So why don’t you sit here and have a steaming cup of cocoa till they arrive” She said pushing the ladder to a corner.

“Are you sure there is nothing I can help you with?” he asked again looking at her with sincerity

“Yes Mr Benjamin Ajay” She replied looking at him after one whole minute.

“Well, then cocoa sounds perfect if you could join,” Ben told her showing his hands towards a table.

“I would like to but I’ve got the last minute checks to be made on the guests arriving,” She said though she didn’t want to go

Tessa leaves, after a few minutes the waitress brings him a cup of hot coffee. While Ben smiles and thanks her, she places the coffee on the table before him. Tessa looks at him from the other corner of the café smiling and after doing her last minute checks, she walked from the kitchen towards Ben. Finding the chair empty she starts to search for him.

“He was right here,” she told herself searching for him

“Yup Right here! Looks like you are searching for someone” Ben replied seeing her. Hearing his voice she turns to see while Ben stood right behind her with a smile.

“I wasn’t searching for you” Tessa replied to his comment

“Well! I never told you where searching for me either” he retorted

“Right that’s what I meant too” she said looking away

“But I was the only one who was sitting right there,” Ben said pointing to the place he was seated moments ago.

Finally, Tessa accepted her defeat and replied “okay! I did search a little bit” she said at last. Seeing her expression Ben laughs while the manager walks towards them.

“Tessa! They have arrived” she told her

“Oh okay. Where are they right now?”

“In the parking lot,” the manager answered her question

“Alright! Ask them to turn off the lights and to play the song when they enter” Tessa replied.

The manager follows the orders as instructed by her. The guests wait in complete silence waiting for the couple to enter. Tessa stands next to Ben has the couple arrives; the song starts to play while the lights come back to life.

“Nice way to surprise” Ben whispers in Tessa’s ears

“yeah! Lucky girl” she whispers back to him

“Maybe” Ben replies smiling looking at her. Tessa gives a curious look back at him and whispers “enjoy the party!”

Tessa moves away and walks to the couple has the birthday cake is brought in and the party begins. Ben was astonished to find some of his old friends who have come to the party and was talking to them.

“OMG! Ben, is it really you? Been ages we last saw you” one of his friends exclaimed. Laughing Ben replied “Yeah! Been some time but I was here last year and they told me you were out of country”

“Ah! Yeah Australia, Business trip” the friend replied

“Great to see you guys here” Ben called out seeing them

While Ben and his friends were involved in a deep conversation with champagne in one hand, a girl entered the café in a sexy outfit.  His friend’s see her surprised, seeing that Ben turns to see who it is and is shocked. They wave at her even before Ben would tell his friend not to, they call out to her and Ben sighs

“Lindsey! Over here” called out one of Ben’s friends

Lindsey turns and finds the group of people and walks towards them. When she is almost near she spots Ben standing among them, being surprised she walks towards him with a smile.

Who is she?

Will he talk to her or walk away?


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It’s the Best time of the Year…

“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.” 


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Christmas posts are never too late to spread the joy of the season all around…

The spirit of Christmas shows the love, generosity and the goodness which goes and comes around…

So here is my wish to all the fellow bloggers out there…


May this day brings with itself a bunch of joy and laughter 

May this day bring all that you desire and cherish to hold

May this day bring in love from all your near and dear ones

May this day bring in abundant of blessings and happiness to you and your family…

May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart and lives with JOY!!! 

Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year!! 


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Miracles do Happen – Chapter 3


noun (Kaw-fee)

Sanity in a cup; Liquid gold; Freshly ground heaven



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It’s a  lovely morning and Tessa was walking on the pavement wearing a long kurta and a sling bag in a contrasting color. Ben walks behind her without her knowledge and smiles at himself watching her walk before him. With flowers in his hand, he approached her slowly.

“Wow! You look beautiful” he said as Tessa turns in both the directions before she could actually find Ben standing right behind her.

“You mean from behind?” she asks giving him a sarcastic look. While ben laughs at her question, before answering “No, I mean from all direction I suppose”

“Smart reply”

“From a clever boy,” He replied grinning

“Oh really?”

“yeah! Trust me I’m a good admirer” hearing his reply Tessa laughs loudly and continues walking, with Ben walking along with her

“By the way what are you doing here?” She asked seeing him walking along with her

“Stalking” Saying he points at her and smiles


“Well if I re-phrase, it means, I came to see you”

“And you brought flowers. How thoughtful” she replied seeing the flowers in one hand.

“Yeah! Why? Is that you don’t like flowers?” he asked a bit confused

“That’s a lame question to ask a girl. Don’t you think?”

“Right! But you know what, people are all different and I’ve certainly met weird ones”

“hm hmm… not when it comes to flowers” shrugs her shoulders while she answered. Ben smiles at her and she smiles back. He then takes the flowers and gives it a little twirl and the water sprays on Tessa. She bites her lower lips and stares at him and later wipes her face.

“Here,” he said while giving her the bunch of daisies

“Thank you! But no more flowers” She said smiling

“Agreed! Looks like you’re not going to the café, Are you?”  he asked her staring at the road. Tessa stops short and turns and gives him a peering look. Ben stands firmly with his hands in the jean pocket.

“How do you even know that?” taken aback by his question she asks him

“Stalker remember”

“Come on!” with little agitation she asked

“Your mom told me about the cafe” he answered her casually

“Oh! So now what are you guys forming some kind of team?” she asked looking directly at him.

“Wouldn’t that be nice?” he asked her not moving an inch

“Oh I wish” she replied sarcastically

They reach the entrance of a music store. She stops and looks at him. Ben looks at her too. No words were exchanged. They kept seeing each other for few seconds ignoring the passersby and then Tessa enters the music store. Ben exhales and follows her.

“A music store! Looks pretty cool” Ben said while Tessa gave him a glance sideways

“Yeah! Are you still following? Ah right stalking me?” she said flipping her hair towards one side. Ben looked at her and smiled before answering

“No, I’m here to buy music” and starts moving ahead of her asking “By the way do you come here often?” Ben pulled open the door for Tessa to enter.

“After you,” he said nodding Tessa entered the shop

“I asked do you come here often?” he repeated the question again and this time she answered “yeah! I come here often” she then turns and unexpectedly looks at him before she continued saying “you know what! They also have a small cozy café here and they serve the best truffles in town” she said grinning.

Tessa then keeps moving in between the racks browsing and searching while Ben looks at her and smiles.

“Are you browsing through or searching for something in particular?” he asked walking right behind her.

“Actually both”

“If you tell me what you’re searching for maybe I can help?”

“Oh yeah, so there is something you can actually be useful for,” she said winking at him.

“Yeah! Apart from stalking” She turns and gives him an annoyed look

“Really stalking? Useful?” she says raising an eyebrow at him


“For whom? She asks swiftly

“for me,” he said winking at her

Tessa exhales deeply hearing his reply and Ben laughs in return seeing her expression and waits for her reply

“I’m in search of a birthday song to be played in the party today.”

“You’re having a party today?”

“No, we are arranging for a party in the café. For a guy and the party is for his girlfriend clear?” hearing it Ben replies nodding

“Wow that’s so cool”

“Isn’t it… It’s beautiful when people tell the world how much a person means to them” she says with excitement

“Not necessarily! Parties are fun… champagne flowing… girls coming and if its pool party there’s bikini too” hearing it she frowns at him

“Mister! This is India” he winks at her hearing it

“I was saying about London”

“aaaaaahaaa!! London”

Ben turns and looks at her, holding a DVD in his hand. She looks up and down at him with confusing eyes

“Here! David Lee’s birthday song is the best” he said looking at her

“Are you sure?”

“Trust me,” he said looking directly into her eyes

“I wish I could,” she said

“Okay how about this… If this song is a success you have to grant me a wish”

Tessa looks at him for few minutes with folded arms. Ben looks at her eyes and minutes were passing like seconds, as he waits for her reply. Since she doesn’t answer he breaks the silence asking

“Am I that handsome?” he asks winking at her

“You won’t be asking me to marry you. Right?” she asks with a serious face.

Ben laughs at her and replies, “No. Not for this one” not believing his answer she further asks

“Promise?” he smiles

“Yeah! I promise”

“Okay! I’ll take it” Ben hands it over

“You know, you should have a little more faith when it comes to people,” he said.

Tessa snaps the DVD from his hand and walks to the billing counter after a little walk she turns and looks at him. Ben just stood there watching her

“Your right! But not with strangers” she says loudly, hearing it Ben smiles.

While Tessa is paying at the billing counter, Ben browses through the rack of DVD’s and a girl enters the store and she sees Ben and walks up to him

“Wow! Looks who’s here” The girl spoke

Ben turns to face the girl and his expression turns somber. Tessa walks towards him and on seeing his expression she stops right behind the girl with a curious gaze.

“Hey, Aashi! How are you?” he says after one whole minute

“Great! So when did you come from London?” she asks with eagerness building in her voice

“A week ago. Good to see you” he replies in grim expression

“Yeah!” she answers with a big smile continuing “Same here, so how long are you staying here?”

“For about three weeks”

“More or less?” she asks

“More” he responds making a short glance at Tessa

“cool! Never thought I would find you here” she says with the same enthusiasm

Ben notices Tessa standing behind the girl when she saw him looking at her; she turns immediately facing the rack and started to pretend like she was browsing through it

“Ah! I came here with my girlfriend. She wanted to pick a DVD” Ben replied while hearing that Tessa’s eyes shot open

“Girlfriend?” Aashi asked with raised eyebrows

Ben overlooks Aashi and waves at Tessa. She stares at him murmuring something.  Right then Aashi turns to see her

“Tessa! Over here!” Ben calls out to her and not knowing what to do Tessa smiles

Tessa turns towards them and Aashi smiles at her

“Hi!” Aashi says scanning her through

Tessa’s eyes switch between Ben and Aashi and after a few secs she clears her throat to respond


What would happen next?

Would it be a fuming Fight or an angelic smile?


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