What is your superpower???


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I disappear into books
What’s your superpower?
Because I can disappear into an imaginary world become a wizard or an elf or a hero trying to save the world or I can even become a Dragon who can fly high, become invisible and also have a friend next door..
So what’s your super power ?

Dont just like but tell me in the comments below…

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What If’s…

The Daily Prompt is : Second thoughts



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What is it like to choose


Wanting or Letting go


Staying or Walking away


Believing or Having your faith fade away


What is easy or What is right


Being loved or Being respected


What you want now or What you want the most


The pain of discipline or The pain of regret


Turning the page or Closing the Book

No matter what you choose

But in that few minutes or hours while making a choice

There are definitely a number of what if’s…

Second Thoughts

Embrace – A beautiful sign of affection…

The Daily Prompt is : Embarrassing

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A cold winter night,

In a two way street,

Two foot away he stood,

“I’m in love with you” at last she said,

Hearing his eyes widened,

Turning her face into an embarrassment,

She turned to leave,

“Really?” he questioned,

She nodded a response,

“I always was, am and will” he replied,

Two foot space disappeared and an embarrassment turned into an embrace


Prompt idea byitsjustbecca


When we were Little …

The Daily Prompt is : Childhood 


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A time where romance was unknown

A time where boyfriend made no sense

A time where school was the only heaven

A time where stress never crept in

A time where competitions were only healthy

A time where getting hurt was only on the playground

A time where money never played a major role

A time where trusting was never an issue

A time where friends where a bigger circle

A time where we didn’t know we were making memories

A time where the world was even more a better place

A time where we had a lot of time

Childhood – the best times


Prompt idea by – ChelseaKunhardt


Life Renewed…

The Daily Prompt is: Purpose


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They stood in front of the altar,

Together this time,

He looked at her,

Before the moment came,

For she would be adding his name,

As they would become,

Not two souls but one,

That’s when he knew,

As she said “I do”,

The purpose of life renewed…


Prompt idea by – wittywheelz