The Deadly Challenge – Beware

The Blue Whale Challenge


A twenty-two-year-old created a game,

With an entire group under a pen name,

Started from Russia and spread to regions as an online game,

And now it has shaken the entire world with horror,

Making all the mom’s and dad’s to entirely fear.

He called it the Blue whale hiding the atrocities within,

Making the pre teens and teens go addicted further resulting in death

Taking lives of not just one but a few and many of hundredths,

The Blue Whale gives a set of challenge that lasts for 50 days,

The participant is told to complete a particular horrible task each day,

Starting from carving the hand with a razor blade,

To jumping off a high building or a cliff and meeting the final stage,

Parents please beware of your children or to no avail,

Remember this isn’t a joke of calling oneself #IAmAWhale.

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Swish and flick

The boy who lived and always will… ❤ ❤ ❤


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It’s been twenty years I fell in love this hard with this book, in fact, the complete series.  A never ending love that just kick started from the very first page.
It was this day that a world of magic was born.

I still can remember I was 11years old when I first picked this book among thousands of the other book in my school library for the first time. There was something about this book that the moment I pulled it out I wanted to read not just a page or two but the entire book.

The first book I read within the allotted time limit given by the librarian. She was shocked that I, in fact, returned it the next day.

“Did you read?” She asked with her stern eyes.
“Oh yes! The entire book” I said gleaming at her.

It did change everything, not just for me but millions of people. It was indeed because of this book I became an avid reader and a little bit of a writer and I’m proud of that. Harry Potter is just not a name, it’s much more and beyond.

It’s a legacy for millions of harry potter nerds who have become to be a part of it and just cannot part from it. I have laughed, giggled, cried and lived with this series. In fact, I totally grew up with it. Obsession can never be this amazing. A harry potter fan would completely understand what I mean. Waiting for the book to arrive, tear open the cover and not just hold but hug the book for minutes and sometimes even hours and then at a stretch finish it.

For me, Harry Potter opened up a world of imagination, love for reading and taught me to enjoy the world beyond the pages of paper. And this is one thing that I want and will pass on to my generations to come. If you’ve read Harry Potter you are simply my type of person. If you have read you know what you haven’t missed, if you have not you will never know what you have truly missed.

And for the people who think they are too old to read this series… THIS IS A BOOK FOR ALL AGES…

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”

P.S Thank you, JK for bringing this awesome book to us and making our childhood an amazing one …

Hogwarts will always be home ❤ ❤ ❤


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It’s that Day of the year!!!

I suggest you to read from bottom to the top… 🙂


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A very happy Twenty Five…

It’s that day of the year that comes once in a while…

It’s that day of the year were people who barely know you makes an effort to wish you and bring a smile.

It’s that day of the year where people who knew you for decades forgets to wish you on the very day. (guess they didn’t check FB 😛 )

It’s that day of the year where your phone keeps ringing from day on till night.

It’s that day of the year where your notifications keeps pouring in only because Facebook remembered you and begged people to wish you! 😛

It’s that day of the year where no matter how old you turn, you still become a child.

It’s that day of the year where you blow the candle still hoping for the wishes to come true.

It’s that day of the year where you get a chance to start new.

It’s that day of the year where a single text from a faraway friend means a lot.

It’s that day of the year where you feel special for a simple thing like being remembered.

It’s that day of the year where you do not regret growing older because you know its a privilege denied to many.

It’s that day of the year where you know being alive is life’s greatest blessing.

It’s that day of the year where you get to eat a lot of cake 😛

It’s that day of the year where you wish yourself when the clock strikes 12.

It’s that day of the year were you wake up feeling happy yet confused.


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Note to self

Well it seems the day has finally come. 🙂

So here’s wishing you a very happy happy birthday Sandra Jennifer. T  and you certainly deserve much more..

mmuahhhhh! ❤  XOXO


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Music that’s made Visible…


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She sat near the window with a curious gaze

From where she had the perfect view

For there he stood, her heart beats a little slow

More handsome than the Greek gods were ever made

Across the floor he stared at her with a constant gaze

Making her fumble with an innocent smile

He crossed the oceans of beautiful girls

Heading straight towards her in one large stride

Asking her for a dance with a silent gaze

She nodded a yes seeing him kneel

They stood together, his hands a firm grip

This made them look more like a couple with a fantastic mix

The music played and his hands wrapped around her slender waist

Breath shortened, eyes met and the crowd praised

Legs turned, bodies bent and hearts raced

There was a mystery in the way their body swayed

They never had a chance to be life partners

But became the perfect partners in the world of dances were made…

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And Happily Ever After…

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A lonely road
With a heavy downpour
She stood drenched and cold
With her bike which stood close by
Portraying to be dead inside

A distant light
A car zoomed by
Making her skirt fly a little high
Freezing her hands and thighs
For which she cursed a little inside

The sound of the engine
Made her hopes high
Stopped at a distance with a man inside
Her legs froze to the ground as she saw him step outside

A step closer he took
A step backward she took
“Can I offer help?” he says
As a  street light shone on his face
She gasped as she knew who he was

A silence crept
as her lips trembled to speak
“This isn’t a scene from your movie” she finally blurted
“Well I’m not trying to play a villain but a hero” he added
“But still you’re a man and I’m a girl” she insisted

A smile passed between his lips
“The world knows me” he exclaimed
“But how does that make me trust you” she questioned
“How about this” he said
as he snapped a selfie with her.

He posted the picture with 140 characters
“Now the entire planet will know you’re with me? “He uttered
She smiled, for she trusted him inside
Now the world not only knows them by name
But also as husband and wife…

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Half year is gone by …

You just checked the date didn’t you?

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That’s right today is 1st of June 2017.

Time does seem to fly by ….

May this month bring with it

A lot of laughter and smile

A lot of sunshine and warmth

A lot of adventure and thrill

A lot of beautiful things that life has to offer

So go on live life and do something worthwhile

P.S : Do something you haven’t done for a long time but always wanted to try

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Sisters – A Match Made In Heaven…


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You were there when I first cried

You were there when I first smiled

You were there for every single fight

You were there for every shared bite

You were there when storms hit real hard

You were there when a soothing breeze came along

You were there when darkness was my biggest fright

You were there when light shone at its bright

You were there in sickness and in health

You were there when rules were made

You were there holding me for every step I made

You are my sister, a dear to hold

because we are simply a match made in heaven behold


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