Day 12 – Greeting

This is a 365 days Challenge… Each day I will be writing about different random things. If you think it is fun you can certainly join this challenge.
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#12 – Greeting


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He walked into the office and it was unlike the other days. The corridor and the cubicles were decorated in bright colors and it created a happy environment distant from the days where they have no time to simply look at the fellow-mate. He never knew that there was a celebration going on and he slowly walked to the area where the celebration was taking place. Colors and ambiance were simply stunning but what caught his eye was a girl dressed in ethnic wear in a world where westernization has taken its turn. She was a sight to behold he looked at her in between the crowd and the way she slid her hair behind the ear made his heart skip a beat. Seeing him in-between the crowd his friends called him.

Hearing his name among the music and sound he turned towards his friends signaling to them that he will come there after some time he turned back his attention towards girl but to his dismay, she goes missing. He turned in every possible direction and searching with his eyes straining but she was nowhere to be found. Though he was not a person who believed in love, at first sight, it happened and made his heart race to see her just one more time. Ignoring his friends he swims and sweeps through the crowd to find her, to see if luck favored him. After all the pushing and pulling he reached the spot, she first stood, where he first saw but she wasn’t there. An instant of sadness questioned himself “what am I doing? ” he just stood against the pillar listening to the music thundering and the crowds screaming in response while he was lost in thought of a simple girl. Feeling lost he walked back to his floor to his place and sat before his laptop trying to find what that feeling was.

He leaned on his chair resting his head on his arms and closed his eyes lost in thoughts. The sound of the metal bangles disrupted his thoughts and he turned just in time to find that very same girl crossing his bay. He stood seeing his eyes transfixed on the girl who he saw among the crowd now walking with the group of girls chatting and giggling. His legs stuck to the ground, forgetting to breathe he stood there seeing her laugh he smiled. After a brief moment, he finally remembered to breathe again.

The next day he walked into the building and stood with the crowd waiting for the lift. The lift door opened and he entered with a bag on one shoulder. There she was standing with her friend and an instant glow appeared on his face. He stood there facing her. As the lift became less crowded he tried looking at her id card to read her name. Seeing him stare at her waist she mistakes and adjusts her dress. Their eyes meet for a brief moment and she stared at him while he turned away cursing himself. After a minute the door opened and she walked out with her friend though she stared he finally got to know her name. He calls out her “name” out loud for the first time in the empty lift.
His friends called him to have coffee and along with him, they went to the pantry together with making fun of each other. After waiting for his turn he filled his cup with hot coffee he sat next to his friend only to find she was there drinking coffee with her friends. An instant joy lighted his face and watching her sip his coffee delighted him. His coffee time had never been this interesting.

He wanted to talk to her by building up a little courage he went in search of her and as usual, he couldn’t find her. she was some kind of a mystery to him and that excited him. He stood there searching, seeing her friends standing a few yards in front of him his courage faded with every turn of his head to find her. There was a pat on his shoulders following with an “excuse me” he turned, his frustration transforming into a complete amazement. He moved so she could go. she crossed him and their eyes met again for an instance yet so powerful. His eyes followed suit as she went away with her friends. He stood there watching has his courage drained once again.
It was post lunch he came and sat in his place restless after watching her enter. Time ticked away and he made up his mind to talk to her today. Building courage he thought of relaxing a little he opened his Facebook account and a notification arrived. He clicked on the friend request tab and found her name. He stood up in his place trying to see her place but she was not there he turned to find someone leaning in the entrance of his bay. He was astonished to find her standing there and smiling at him for the first time he said

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How far would you go for Love…?

This is dedicated to the person who I haven’t seen or met.

For that someone who took his last leap for the sake of love.


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Would you walk on thorns to collect rose petals
Or would you freeze to death collecting snowflakes

Would you stay up all night to see the sunrise
Or would you drench in the rain to quench your little thirst

Would you walk for miles just to have a final glance
Or would you sail across oceans to see a little land

Would you write poems to proclaim your love for the world to know
or would you write a thousand letters and hide it in your secret safe.

Would you walk on fire to set your heart free
Or would you climb the highest mountain to take a final leap

Would you hurt yourself if she says a gentle no
Or would you walk away to see what life as in store

How far would you go for love….?

How far would you really go…?

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When you blush red….

When you blush red….


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Are you finally letting out your anger

That you  bottled up for 150 years

Or have I mistaken that for all those blushes

Which have finally turned you scarlet red

but what would I say

When you look this ravishing in blood red

Be it the anger or the blushes

that makes your cheeks rosy red

But you sure do make

All the heads turn to your left

If it’s anger

It’s good to let it out once in a while

But what would I do

If your blushing red

I simply just cant stop

The words flowing out of my head… 

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It’s the Best time of the Year…

“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.” 


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Christmas posts are never too late to spread the joy of the season all around…

The spirit of Christmas shows the love, generosity and the goodness which goes and comes around…

So here is my wish to all the fellow bloggers out there…


May this day brings with itself a bunch of joy and laughter 

May this day bring all that you desire and cherish to hold

May this day bring in love from all your near and dear ones

May this day bring in abundant of blessings and happiness to you and your family…

May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart and lives with JOY!!! 

Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year!! 


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Black , White or In-between…

Seven Days with Seven Different Photos and a Peek into my world…

Day 6

whatsapp-image-2017-10-27-at-9-53-49-am.jpegPicture courtesy – Sandra Jennifer.T



It was an open challenge from Pat R Thoughts and Entanglements and it sounded like FUN!!!

The rules are pretty simple, to post a black and white photo of your life for Seven days. No people. No explanation. Also, I am to challenge someone new each day but I would like to make it an open challenge.  So go ahead and join and leave your links in the comments below.

Let’s have a glance at each other’s world….

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One Little Conversation…


A conversation is a informal talk between two or more people in which news or ideas are exchanged. Isn’t that is what we learnt in school? We have conversations with ‘n’ number of people we meet in our journey of life. Some we cherish close to our heart and some we wish to forget. Be it a conversation with a stranger or a close one we do learn something out of every conversation. Now a days people don’t have time to have a face to face conversation but everything is told through a text. Be it Proposals or break up’s everything as become so easy with a single text. Probably that’s were the problem starts but we fail to recognize it. Expressions, words and tone of speech sums it up together which makes a conversation far better than a text or a mail.

Conversations teach us life lessons when we feel lost , gives us hope when we feel down, makes us laugh and puts our heart at ease. In this world of technology we forget what’s in front of us and live in a virtual world where reality seems far. Our heads are always bent looking at the technology in our hands where everything resides in our palm. It makes you stay connected with the other part of the world ignoring the place you live . Technology makes us become close with the people who are far in distance but what about the ones that live with us day in and day out? Be it anger, love or for that matter any kind of emotion it means a lot in person than any other medium of communication.

So …
Think …
When was the last time you had a real conversation? When was the last time you put your mobile down to actually talk or listen to someone? When was the last time you sat with someone just to speak?

So Take some time and put your gadget down.. go meet people and have real conversations because..
One conversation can change a person’s life.. might give someone hope.. might save someone from choosing a wrong path.. might give someone an idea to change the world … or might even bring meaning to someone’s life…

images (2)

Let’s lift our heads and see the people around us. Spend time more with the people than with the gadgets and when you leave…

Make sure you leave them with a smile…😊

P.S : It’s time for real conversations in this robotic world..


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The Deadly Challenge – Beware

The Blue Whale Challenge


A twenty-two-year-old created a game,

With an entire group under a pen name,

Started from Russia and spread to regions as an online game,

And now it has shaken the entire world with horror,

Making all the mom’s and dad’s to entirely fear.

He called it the Blue whale hiding the atrocities within,

Making the pre teens and teens go addicted further resulting in death

Taking lives of not just one but a few and many of hundredths,

The Blue Whale gives a set of challenge that lasts for 50 days,

The participant is told to complete a particular horrible task each day,

Starting from carving the hand with a razor blade,

To jumping off a high building or a cliff and meeting the final stage,

Parents please beware of your children or to no avail,

Remember this isn’t a joke of calling oneself #IAmAWhale.

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