And Happily Ever After…

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A lonely road
With a heavy downpour
She stood drenched and cold
With her bike which stood close by
Portraying to be dead inside

A distant light
A car zoomed by
Making her skirt fly a little high
Freezing her hands and thighs
For which she cursed a little inside

The sound of the engine
Made her hopes high
Stopped at a distance with a man inside
Her legs froze to the ground as she saw him step outside

A step closer he took
A step backward she took
“Can I offer help?” he says
As a  street light shone on his face
She gasped as she knew who he was

A silence crept
as her lips trembled to speak
“This isn’t a scene from your movie” she finally blurted
“Well I’m not trying to play a villain but a hero” he added
“But still you’re a man and I’m a girl” she insisted

A smile passed between his lips
“The world knows me” he exclaimed
“But how does that make me trust you” she questioned
“How about this” he said
as he snapped a selfie with her.

He posted the picture with 140 characters
“Now the entire planet will know you’re with me? “He uttered
She smiled, for she trusted him inside
Now the world not only knows them by name
But also as husband and wife…

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Half year is gone by …

You just checked the date didn’t you?

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That’s right today is 1st of June 2017.

Time does seem to fly by ….

May this month bring with it

A lot of laughter and smile

A lot of sunshine and warmth

A lot of adventure and thrill

A lot of beautiful things that life has to offer

So go on live life and do something worthwhile

P.S : Do something you haven’t done for a long time but always wanted to try

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Sisters – A Match Made In Heaven…


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You were there when I first cried

You were there when I first smiled

You were there for every single fight

You were there for every shared bite

You were there when storms hit real hard

You were there when a soothing breeze came along

You were there when darkness was my biggest fright

You were there when light shone at its bright

You were there in sickness and in health

You were there when rules were made

You were there holding me for every step I made

You are my sister, a dear to hold

because we are simply a match made in heaven behold


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Sunshine blogger Award


First, my heartfelt thank you to  Ally L. Mare for nominating me for this beautiful award. He is one amazing blogger and a wonderful author of the book ” It’s All About You”

Click on the below link to visit, read, like and comment this wonderful person’s masterpiece.

A Big thank you for that… ❤

Now moving on to the rules…

The Rules.

  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog

His Questions

1.Will you be volunteering for any Mars expedition program?

Ha ha 😀 Interesting question!

though my answer as of now is a NO but maybe in future, it might change probably if I get an opportunity.

2. Are you an adventurous person?

Yes, I love taking risks, after all, why should boys have all the fun… Just kidding 😛

3. Are you interested in travelling around the world?

Oh yeah! “Always” on my bucket list

4. On the scale, 1 – 10, how high is your curiosity level?

Definitely, a 10 because when you’re curious you find a lot of interesting things to do.

5. How do you deal with disappointment?

My therapy would be, sometimes it’s the bed and sometimes its coffee and then I tell myself that ” Nothing lasts forever, better days are coming just hold on to a little Hope”

6. Do you think you are the patience type?

To be honest, not exactly. but a little

7.  Are you the one who usually wait for others or others wait for you?

It’s more like 60:40

8. Do you have your own favourite stars (in the sky)?

Yes, I do. You will find Three stars in a perfect row and mine is the centre one 🙂

9. Have you ever feel that you are doing something but you think that it is a waste of time?

Ah!!!! (thinking……) No 😉

10. What do you think will happen in the year 2100?


Or people probably living on a different planet altogether.

11. Do you have something that you know it is old and worn but do not want to replace it?

Yes, My school calendar

And the nominees for the Sunshine blogger Award goes toooooo… 😉

Here are my questions…

  1. What would you ask for, if you knew the answer would be a Yes?
  2. Before making a telephone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say?
  3. Invent your own word, what does it mean?
  4. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?
  5. What would you rate 10/10?
  6. What question can you ask to find out the most about a person?
  7. What would be the title of the current chapter of your life?
  8. If you could make a 20-second phone call to yourself at any point in your life at present or future, When would you call and what would you say?
  9. What’s something that happened or something that someone said, changed how you view the world?
  10. What book impacted you the most and why?
  11.  If life is a game like some people say what would some of your rules be?

Do leave a notification behind as I am eagerly waiting for your answers.

Have an awesome life… !!!! So until next time!

See ya! ❤

“Thank You” a beautiful catchphrase…

Because the Universe loves gratitude…



In the world of disappointments and distress still waking up to find such a beautiful notification simply made my day… Of course, which isn’t possible without you guys. Taking time to read, like and appreciate have brought a smile at times when it has been most difficult. So I owe all of you a big big thank you.

This is something you lovely bloggers along with WordPress is telling me “Your sparkle has not gone UNNOTICED”

To all of you in spite of your busy schedule who took the time to read the scribbles of another person, liked and appreciated it… And to also the people who shared their views and thoughts…


This definitely means a lot!!! 

So to all of you, In languages, I know and Don’t know
Thank you
شكرا جزيل
Dank je
Dziękuję Ci

And here’s me sending you a special something to all of you, also to those who inspire me and don’t even know it …




You’re a whole lot of Lovely people, YES … You!!!!




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For not all wounds are Visible…

The axe forgets what the tree remembers… An African proverb


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You don’t know the pain she is going through
No matter how much you see you will never see through
She is so broken that she can physically feel it
You don’t know her pain or the story behind it
Mentally drained and spiritually dead
Being emotionally weak yet physically she smiles
Sometimes she gets so sad that it’s hard to breathe
But the tears that stream down her cheeks
Never comforts her in a way that she seeks
It will get better they say but when she asks
It’ll be okay they say but how she questions
“I’m here for you,” they say those powerful words
Exhausted to hear those meaningless phrases
Pain is inevitable in this terribly false world
Her unexpressed emotions all being curled
Which she’s been holding in for too long and it still prolongs
So today I pray for every person with a story
That secretly lives in this seemingly insurmountable pain…

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And when the night comes…

I have no idea how this story sounds… so can you let me know by leaving a comment below…


Every time she returns home only after the sunset never relaxed always worrying about the next day of work, she walks slowly immersing herself in the moonlight trying herself to relax. Preferring the night over the day made her feel different, but for others, she sounded weird. It was a lonely walk from the office to her place but she secretly enjoyed it. One day on her way home from the office she saw a guy sitting on the bench waiting for someone. He was tall, handsome, poised and mesmerizingly attractive which will certainly make any girl fall for him at the very first sight and she was no exception. Seeing him her legs refused to move, she just stood there enchanted by his beauty only to realize he was staring back at her. The cold night breeze swept her hair from her face and he immediately cringed covering his nose with his hand. They were just looking at each other for a few seconds and then he looked away like nothing happened. Seeing his expression she made her mind to leave the place in a hurry before she developed any further interest in him but little did she know that she had already fallen for his charm. She reached her home without turning back though she had a feeling of being followed. Locking the door she settled on the couch breathing heavily her thoughts wandered back to him, an angel fallen from heaven who took a taste of her soul. On her way to the office, she unknowingly took the same route with a little hope of seeing him again but he was nowhere to be found. Her anticipation grew as the night came, she took the same route at the same time just to have a glance of him and then she saw a large man holding a pink umbrella stood in the darkness peering amicably at her. She knew at the very instance it was him though she couldn’t see him clearly in the darkness. Seeing her he moved towards the bench his skin glowing like a marble in the moonlight. Her eyes were fixed on him while her mind demanded answers for the hundred questions that were screaming within her.

“Why and what could be the reason he came back again? Is it just merely a coincidence or is it a twist of fate.”

“Perhaps destiny” he answered which startled her, his voice was undeniably alluring.

“Sorry did you just answer me? ” she asked confused for which he only shrugged. Perplexed she went home straight seeing him walk away.

The next day she made up her mind to ask him all that she wanted to know. She spent hours in her office writing down all the questions for which she needed answers. The clock struck and the moon appeared peeking between the clouds and her legs moved so quickly that she arrived less than the time she usually takes to reach and when she arrived she saw him lounging on the bench with all his glory. She caught him looking at her, he turned away hastily and that is not the only time she caught him looking at her.

“Who are you?” she finally asked, the words echoed in the night sky

“I’m flesh and blood…,” He paused and then continued

“But not human…” Her eyes caught his and instant of fear hovered over her and she took few steps to move away. A speeding car came in her direction fear blinded her eyes and her legs were glued to the ground. And in seconds she was in his arms safe and secure. Their souls connected but fear of knowledge persuaded her heart.

“How long?” was all that she asked

“I haven’t been human for two hundred years now”

“Your hands are cold,” she said

“And I run fast” he completed

Their eyes were transfixed on each other and he slowly bent towards her and she thought…

“Is it going to be a kiss or a bite?”…

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The Four Letter Magic…



Love, a simple word with complex meaning. A subject that all of us want to master yet some fail with every step. A moment of fulfilment and a moment of grief goes hand in hand yet we embrace it with all our heart.

In this wide world, there must be a person falling in love every minute maybe even seconds. Isn’t that beautiful? It’s the first spark that changes your entire world. A smile from the one you love defeats all the battle that arises within you. When in love we will understand that silence speaks volumes and the eyes converse even better than the lips. And so I’ve always had this question.

When we welcome it with open arms why do we regret later? Is it that we fail to put effort to understand or is it that we take it for granted with the course of time?

True, Love isn’t easy to understand but we still learn to Love from the very moment we are born. It gives us the best moments and the worst lessons that we ever want to learn. It’s either a blessing or a curse. But either way, it does make our heart flutter. And there goes a saying from the holy book that Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hope, always perseveres. Love never fails.

As the Feb 14th is nearing let’s learn to celebrate all forms of love. Take this chance to tell your boy or girl, wife or husband, mum or dad, friends be it a boy or a girl, sister or brother, daughter or son, grandparents or cousins how much they mean to you. It’s better now than late. And so for this valentines day just remember that you needn’t go for diamonds a bunch of roses would do. You needn’t get him the costliest watch but spending time would do. Cook for her. Surprise him. You needn’t show the world how much you love him or her but instead show them that they mean the world to you. It’s not what you get her on Valentine’s day. It’s how you make them feel. It’s not the presents but the smile, laughter and the hours you spend together that makes it the loveliest. A simple heartfelt kiss and a warm hug would be the best present one can give.
So go on make your valentine (who needn’t particularly be your Romeo or Juliet ) feel special.

Spin the four letter word and create the magic.


And for all the readers a very happy valentines day!

Because of reading….


This idea is inspired from Pinterest and I dedicate it to all the readers out there…



Because of reading,

We know that love is never ugly…

Because of reading,

We know we don’t sleep anymore…

Because of reading,

We know it’s okay to be different…

Because of reading,

We know names have power…

Because of reading,

We know all traits have flaws…

Because of reading,

We hate when people only watch the movies…

Because of reading,

We know that with friendship anything is possible…

Because of reading,

We know that rich or poor never matters …

Because of reading,

We know that truth always wins…

Because of reading,

We realized the power in choices…

Because of reading,

We know we get to travel to unknown lands…

Because of reading,

We don’t fall in love with appearance rather with thoughts, words, and character…

Because of reading,

We want to write what we believe in…

Because of reading,

We know we have to make tough decisions…

Because of reading,

We know we are not alone…

Because of reading,

We want to write our own stories…

Because of reading,

We know that words have the power to change us…

Because of reading,

We know it’s okay to cry over fictional characters…

Because of reading,

We know how important friendship is…

Because of reading,

We know we can escape reality…

Because of reading,

We know it’s okay to have fears…

Because of reading,

We believe in magic…

Because of reading,

We know it’s okay to be not okay…

Because of reading,

We believe we all possess superpower…

Because of reading,

We know it’s okay to make mistakes…

Because of reading,

We know it’s okay to want someone like Mr. Darcy…

Because of reading,

We want to go to platform 9 3/4…

Because of reading,

We like to wear black…

Because of reading,

We know it’s okay for a beast to be a pet…

Because of reading,

We want a guy who reads to us from a book…

Because of reading,

We remember the people we have lost…

Because of reading,

I solemnly swear I’m up to no good…

Because of reading,

We know books can have a way of making you homesick for a place you have never been too…

Because of reading,

We know we don’t judge a person based on his past…

Because of reading,

We know love requires scarifies

Because of reading,

We know we have something in common…

Page 1 of 365…



Picture courtesy – Pinterest

My wish for you is that this year becomes,

All that you want it to be,

May your dreams stay BIG

And your worries stay small,

May you never need to carry more than you can hold,

And while you’re out there getting

Where you’re getting to,

I hope you know somebody Loves YOU,

And wants the same thing too,

May your positive actions and attitude

Inspire others,

May you be brave enough to take on and overcome

rewarding  challenges,

May you find yourself in high spirits

And excellent health,

May you love with ALL your heart and

Find peace in even the most turbulent of times,

May the love you give always find its way back to you


And I hope somewhere in this coming year,

You SURPRISE yourself…

Yeah, This is my wish for you… ❤

A very happy New year to all of you, beautiful bloggers out there

as you open the first page of 2017…

With lots and lots of love and kisses…

❤ ❤ ❤

Sandra Jennifer. T