Miracles do Happen – Chapter 4

Maybe she’s born with it or maybe it’s the CAFFEINE…



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The awkward conversation was continuing while Tessa prayed with every bit of hope for it to end.

“So is she from London too?” Aashi asks Ben with curiosity

“No she’s from here” he replies his eyes fixed on Tessa

Tessa stands next to him concentrating on their conversation while her eyes are fixed on the racks of DVD in front of her. Though wanting to flee she stood there for curiosity was playing games with her mind.

“So, what you doing here?” Ben asks Aashi

“No… I’m actually meeting someone here in the café” Aashi replied


Right then a person walked into the café hearing the sound of the bell that chimed every time a person enters made Aashi turn towards the door.

“Looks like he’s here…” Aashi says smiling and waving at him. “Okay, Benji it was great to see you. Let’s catch up sometime” and she gives him a hug and hands over her card while making a hand gesture saying “Call me”. Ben politely takes the card and inserts it into his jean pocket.

Aashi starts jogging to the person, while Tessa walks towards the door hastily and Ben follows

“Ah! Really??? Girlfriend????” Tessa asks rolling her eyes

“I’m sorry, it’s a long story and I just took help” Ben answered

“Nobody takes help instead you ask for it.” She turns to face him and replies little furiously

“Right so if I had asked would you have helped?”


“Then?” he asks waiting patiently for her reply

“I would have maybe” she looks at him thinking and then continues “considered”

“So taking help from someone who would help isn’t wrong” he retorted

“whatever” saying she sighs

Ben stops, looks at her and smiles “Hey! Sorry! I mean it”

Tessa looks at him with curiosity and asks “So”


“Are you going to call?” she asked with hesitation clouding her voice


Surprised by his answer she continues to ask further “No?”


“So is it a no or yes?” she asked being a little impatient

“No for your question and yes for your no” Ben replied calmly

Tessa takes sometime before she could ask anything more“But you took the card”

Asking she turns towards him; Ben admires Tessa biting her lip impatiently waiting for his answer. He takes time before answering

“I didn’t want to be rude.” he said

Tessa laughs while Ben looks at her awestruck. They stood seeing each other not knowing what to say or do.

“So… I’ll leave then, now that you have found the best music” Ben said, to which Tessa nodded.

“Thank you, though the outcome is yet to be known”

“Yeah, so what time is it?” He asked simply a way of prolonging the conversation with her as he didn’t want to leave.

“It starts at 6pm” She pauses and looks up at him and continues speaking “don’t be late”

“Did I just get invited?” He asked smiling at her and she smiled back in return nodding a yes.

“Right, see you at the party then,” She said while taking a few steps away from him.

“Call me,” Ben said while a silent glance passed between them and then he continued saying “well if you need help with something”

“Ah! Yes” She said smiling and turns to leave with a quick wave at Ben.

Ben and Tessa turn to leave in the opposite direction but suddenly Tessa stops, turns around and calls out


Ben stops and turns back, looks at her and waits for her to approach him.

“Wow! That was certainly music to my ears” He said

“So cheesy!” Ben grins hearing her comment

“You told me to call you if I needed help”


“ehh… But you forgot to give me your number” she said

“Unbelievable, first time in history a girl has asked me for my number” saying he grined at her playfully

“Ah!! Forget it” saying Tessa started to move making glances at Ben while he gave her a charming smile, Tessa just stared back at him.

After a few jogs he catches up with her “Sorry” he replied still controlling the smile. “Well now if you please” saying Tessa hands him her phone and Ben typed in the number.

“Well now I can call if I need help,” She said snatching the phone away from him. Ben looked at her and noded. After exchanging a smile Tessa walks away while Ben stood there with a smile seeing her go.

Tessa was busy preparing for the party and in ordering the waitress to check on the list of things she had given. She then walked to one corner of the café and climbed up the ladder to hang the remaining lights. Just then Ben entered the café

“Wow! The café looks really busy” He said walking towards the ladder. Tessa looks down and finds Ben dressed in a linen white shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans, his hair in a mess which made him look extra handsome.

“You’ve come,” She said looking at him with a big broad smile.

“Eh! If I’m not mistaken I was invited today… wasn’t I?” he asked looking up at her. Tessa laughs at his question before she could answer

“It’s not like “You’ve come” in the dislike note it’s rather more like “You’ve comeeeeee” you know more like the happy note.” She said making cute expressions giving Ben million reasons to smile.

“I’m glad if it’s the happy note” Ben replied

“Believe me it sure is” came her quick reply

“Looks like you didn’t need help”

“What?” She asked with a voice sounding confused

“You never called?” He said

“Looks like you expected…2 minutes! I’ll be back on the ground once I’m done with this” saying she continued to hang the lights on the ceiling.

Ben moves closer to the ladder and says “Give me those. I’ll do it”

Tessa looks at him while he waves at her to come down. She nods her head sideways has Ben persuades her to come down. While she was trying to get down from the ladder she slipped and with a reflex reaction, Ben caught her immediately. Tessa’s expression changed as her eyes met his

“Careful, you would have broken a leg,” he said still holding her

“Didn’t you mean the ladder?” she said winking at him

“I seriously meant your leg,” he said giving a little laugh and Tessa couldn’t stop admiring his handsomeness

She gave a shy smile at him as he released her from his hold. The lights were fully tangled around her and Ben slowly untangled it as she twirled to get it off her which matched the soft music that was being played in the background. They looked lovely together spoke the waitresses who watched them from one end of the room. He then climbed up the ladder and hangs it with Tessa’s assistance

“Ah! Done, Turn it on let’s check”

“Ok,” she said and shows a hand gesture to one of the waitresses to turn on the switch.

“You said the party starts around 6pm”

“Yeah I did but then they just called a few minutes ago telling they will be 15 minutes late.” She said looking at the lights as they glowed brightly in the evening hue.

“Now that makes it romantic,” he said pointing at the light as Tessa smiled at him.

“So is there anything else I can help you with apart from cooking. I’m really bad at it.” He said smiling back at her

Tessa gave a short laugh before replying “No everything else is mostly done and cooking is already been taken care by my chef’s. So why don’t you sit here and have a steaming cup of cocoa till they arrive” She said pushing the ladder to a corner.

“Are you sure there is nothing I can help you with?” he asked again looking at her with sincerity

“Yes Mr Benjamin Ajay” She replied looking at him after one whole minute.

“Well, then cocoa sounds perfect if you could join,” Ben told her showing his hands towards a table.

“I would like to but I’ve got the last minute checks to be made on the guests arriving,” She said though she didn’t want to go

Tessa leaves, after a few minutes the waitress brings him a cup of hot coffee. While Ben smiles and thanks her, she places the coffee on the table before him. Tessa looks at him from the other corner of the café smiling and after doing her last minute checks, she walked from the kitchen towards Ben. Finding the chair empty she starts to search for him.

“He was right here,” she told herself searching for him

“Yup Right here! Looks like you are searching for someone” Ben replied seeing her. Hearing his voice she turns to see while Ben stood right behind her with a smile.

“I wasn’t searching for you” Tessa replied to his comment

“Well! I never told you where searching for me either” he retorted

“Right that’s what I meant too” she said looking away

“But I was the only one who was sitting right there,” Ben said pointing to the place he was seated moments ago.

Finally, Tessa accepted her defeat and replied “okay! I did search a little bit” she said at last. Seeing her expression Ben laughs while the manager walks towards them.

“Tessa! They have arrived” she told her

“Oh okay. Where are they right now?”

“In the parking lot,” the manager answered her question

“Alright! Ask them to turn off the lights and to play the song when they enter” Tessa replied.

The manager follows the orders as instructed by her. The guests wait in complete silence waiting for the couple to enter. Tessa stands next to Ben has the couple arrives; the song starts to play while the lights come back to life.

“Nice way to surprise” Ben whispers in Tessa’s ears

“yeah! Lucky girl” she whispers back to him

“Maybe” Ben replies smiling looking at her. Tessa gives a curious look back at him and whispers “enjoy the party!”

Tessa moves away and walks to the couple has the birthday cake is brought in and the party begins. Ben was astonished to find some of his old friends who have come to the party and was talking to them.

“OMG! Ben, is it really you? Been ages we last saw you” one of his friends exclaimed. Laughing Ben replied “Yeah! Been some time but I was here last year and they told me you were out of country”

“Ah! Yeah Australia, Business trip” the friend replied

“Great to see you guys here” Ben called out seeing them

While Ben and his friends were involved in a deep conversation with champagne in one hand, a girl entered the café in a sexy outfit.  His friend’s see her surprised, seeing that Ben turns to see who it is and is shocked. They wave at her even before Ben would tell his friend not to, they call out to her and Ben sighs

“Lindsey! Over here” called out one of Ben’s friends

Lindsey turns and finds the group of people and walks towards them. When she is almost near she spots Ben standing among them, being surprised she walks towards him with a smile.

Who is she?

Will he talk to her or walk away?


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Miracles do Happen – Chapter 3


noun (Kaw-fee)

Sanity in a cup; Liquid gold; Freshly ground heaven



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It’s a  lovely morning and Tessa was walking on the pavement wearing a long kurta and a sling bag in a contrasting color. Ben walks behind her without her knowledge and smiles at himself watching her walk before him. With flowers in his hand, he approached her slowly.

“Wow! You look beautiful” he said as Tessa turns in both the directions before she could actually find Ben standing right behind her.

“You mean from behind?” she asks giving him a sarcastic look. While ben laughs at her question, before answering “No, I mean from all direction I suppose”

“Smart reply”

“From a clever boy,” He replied grinning

“Oh really?”

“yeah! Trust me I’m a good admirer” hearing his reply Tessa laughs loudly and continues walking, with Ben walking along with her

“By the way what are you doing here?” She asked seeing him walking along with her

“Stalking” Saying he points at her and smiles


“Well if I re-phrase, it means, I came to see you”

“And you brought flowers. How thoughtful” she replied seeing the flowers in one hand.

“Yeah! Why? Is that you don’t like flowers?” he asked a bit confused

“That’s a lame question to ask a girl. Don’t you think?”

“Right! But you know what, people are all different and I’ve certainly met weird ones”

“hm hmm… not when it comes to flowers” shrugs her shoulders while she answered. Ben smiles at her and she smiles back. He then takes the flowers and gives it a little twirl and the water sprays on Tessa. She bites her lower lips and stares at him and later wipes her face.

“Here,” he said while giving her the bunch of daisies

“Thank you! But no more flowers” She said smiling

“Agreed! Looks like you’re not going to the café, Are you?”  he asked her staring at the road. Tessa stops short and turns and gives him a peering look. Ben stands firmly with his hands in the jean pocket.

“How do you even know that?” taken aback by his question she asks him

“Stalker remember”

“Come on!” with little agitation she asked

“Your mom told me about the cafe” he answered her casually

“Oh! So now what are you guys forming some kind of team?” she asked looking directly at him.

“Wouldn’t that be nice?” he asked her not moving an inch

“Oh I wish” she replied sarcastically

They reach the entrance of a music store. She stops and looks at him. Ben looks at her too. No words were exchanged. They kept seeing each other for few seconds ignoring the passersby and then Tessa enters the music store. Ben exhales and follows her.

“A music store! Looks pretty cool” Ben said while Tessa gave him a glance sideways

“Yeah! Are you still following? Ah right stalking me?” she said flipping her hair towards one side. Ben looked at her and smiled before answering

“No, I’m here to buy music” and starts moving ahead of her asking “By the way do you come here often?” Ben pulled open the door for Tessa to enter.

“After you,” he said nodding Tessa entered the shop

“I asked do you come here often?” he repeated the question again and this time she answered “yeah! I come here often” she then turns and unexpectedly looks at him before she continued saying “you know what! They also have a small cozy café here and they serve the best truffles in town” she said grinning.

Tessa then keeps moving in between the racks browsing and searching while Ben looks at her and smiles.

“Are you browsing through or searching for something in particular?” he asked walking right behind her.

“Actually both”

“If you tell me what you’re searching for maybe I can help?”

“Oh yeah, so there is something you can actually be useful for,” she said winking at him.

“Yeah! Apart from stalking” She turns and gives him an annoyed look

“Really stalking? Useful?” she says raising an eyebrow at him


“For whom? She asks swiftly

“for me,” he said winking at her

Tessa exhales deeply hearing his reply and Ben laughs in return seeing her expression and waits for her reply

“I’m in search of a birthday song to be played in the party today.”

“You’re having a party today?”

“No, we are arranging for a party in the café. For a guy and the party is for his girlfriend clear?” hearing it Ben replies nodding

“Wow that’s so cool”

“Isn’t it… It’s beautiful when people tell the world how much a person means to them” she says with excitement

“Not necessarily! Parties are fun… champagne flowing… girls coming and if its pool party there’s bikini too” hearing it she frowns at him

“Mister! This is India” he winks at her hearing it

“I was saying about London”

“aaaaaahaaa!! London”

Ben turns and looks at her, holding a DVD in his hand. She looks up and down at him with confusing eyes

“Here! David Lee’s birthday song is the best” he said looking at her

“Are you sure?”

“Trust me,” he said looking directly into her eyes

“I wish I could,” she said

“Okay how about this… If this song is a success you have to grant me a wish”

Tessa looks at him for few minutes with folded arms. Ben looks at her eyes and minutes were passing like seconds, as he waits for her reply. Since she doesn’t answer he breaks the silence asking

“Am I that handsome?” he asks winking at her

“You won’t be asking me to marry you. Right?” she asks with a serious face.

Ben laughs at her and replies, “No. Not for this one” not believing his answer she further asks

“Promise?” he smiles

“Yeah! I promise”

“Okay! I’ll take it” Ben hands it over

“You know, you should have a little more faith when it comes to people,” he said.

Tessa snaps the DVD from his hand and walks to the billing counter after a little walk she turns and looks at him. Ben just stood there watching her

“Your right! But not with strangers” she says loudly, hearing it Ben smiles.

While Tessa is paying at the billing counter, Ben browses through the rack of DVD’s and a girl enters the store and she sees Ben and walks up to him

“Wow! Looks who’s here” The girl spoke

Ben turns to face the girl and his expression turns somber. Tessa walks towards him and on seeing his expression she stops right behind the girl with a curious gaze.

“Hey, Aashi! How are you?” he says after one whole minute

“Great! So when did you come from London?” she asks with eagerness building in her voice

“A week ago. Good to see you” he replies in grim expression

“Yeah!” she answers with a big smile continuing “Same here, so how long are you staying here?”

“For about three weeks”

“More or less?” she asks

“More” he responds making a short glance at Tessa

“cool! Never thought I would find you here” she says with the same enthusiasm

Ben notices Tessa standing behind the girl when she saw him looking at her; she turns immediately facing the rack and started to pretend like she was browsing through it

“Ah! I came here with my girlfriend. She wanted to pick a DVD” Ben replied while hearing that Tessa’s eyes shot open

“Girlfriend?” Aashi asked with raised eyebrows

Ben overlooks Aashi and waves at Tessa. She stares at him murmuring something.  Right then Aashi turns to see her

“Tessa! Over here!” Ben calls out to her and not knowing what to do Tessa smiles

Tessa turns towards them and Aashi smiles at her

“Hi!” Aashi says scanning her through

Tessa’s eyes switch between Ben and Aashi and after a few secs she clears her throat to respond


What would happen next?

Would it be a fuming Fight or an angelic smile?


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Miracles do Happen – Chapter 2

May your coffee kick in before your reality does…


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A cab halts in front of a door numbered 12. Tessa pays for her ride and hurries to open the door while the cab driver saluted and left. Tessa with a lot of tension enters her house but all she could hear were sounds of laughter and giggles.  To her dismay, she finds unknown people literally being strangers seated, two men and women with a girl aged around 17 on the sofa.

“There she is” Tessa’s Mom Cynthia saw her and held her arm while she introduced Tessa to the crowd, with a confused look she smiled at them bowing her head in respect.

She later pulls her mom to a side and murmurs “what is happening here? I thought you were in trouble or something”

Her mom ignores the question and smiles at the guest seated and then she turned towards Tessa and said “Why don’t you go to your room and freshen up”

Tessa with a little annoyance walks into the room while the crowd in the hall are being served coffee and resumes talking. When she enters her room Tessa’s eyes widen in shock seeing a young man and her sister seated on her bed engrossed in a photo album with flowers and coffee placed on it.

“What’s going on here?” She asked with a confusion mounting in her voice. The Young man and her sister both looked up at her.

“Hey hi Tessa!” the young man said giving her an extremely charming smile.

“You know my name?” she said giving him a quizzical look.

“I know a lot more than your name.”

“Wow really? haha” she gives him a sarcastic laugh

He looks at her smiling and then replies “Well actually yes.”

She looked at him with arms crossed over her chest and then she spoke, “Well then! Could you take the privilege of explaining what’s going on here?” For which Ben nods his head stating a yes in return “Right! Well maybe I should, that’s my family out there who have come to meet their future daughter-in-law”.

Hearing it Tessa looks at her sister and then at him saying, “Don’t you think she’s too young for that

“If you put it across like that, then…” He points at her sister “Sister-in-law” and then points at Tessa saying “Daughter-in-law”

“Mister! This is not what is called as explaining”

“Okay! Let’s start from the beginning” Tessa sighs hearing it but curiosity doesn’t let her stay still

“Go on” Ben gives her a big smile before he could explain any further.

“Now from all the questions you’ve asked me this far. I’m kind of certain that you don’t know me at all…”

“That’s right, go ahead” Ben nods in reply

“But I do know you… very well in fact. We used to go to the same church, not now though… earlier, I’m…” He was saying as Tessa interrupted him in midair

“You are Adrian’s brother,” She said, there was silence from both ends. Few mins passed as they  looked at each other and Ben broke the silence saying,

“That’s quite a way to remember but well I do have a name…”

“Benjamin” Tessa blurted and Ben has never thought his name would sound this beautiful to him.

She looked into his eyes and he into hers, everything around them slowed and faded well at least that’s what they thought

“Sorry, it took me this long to remember,” she said with an apologetic expression

“That’s okay! Usually, happens the first time but I was confident you wouldn’t remember me certainly not my name” he replied looking amazed and happy that she remembered him including his name.

“Right! It’s been a long time well more like a long, long time ago. Anyways what’s with this daughter-in-law stuff?” Tessa asked him with the lingering curiosity.

“Oh, that one! Well, my parents wanted me to get married so I brought them here.” Ben replied so easily, and her anticipation just grew with his easiness.

“But why bring them here?” She asked

“Because you’re here” he replied looking directly into her eyes, reaching her soul.

“Whats wrong with you?” She said, stifling herself from his gaze

“Nothing is… Tessa! Things like this will take time to explain. If you give me time maybe I could…”

“Whatever is happening right here could you please slow it down.” She said cutting his conversation in mid-sentence.

“Well I’m surprised you didn’t ask me to stop,” Ben said smiling at her

“I didn’t want to be rude,” She said innocently. He again gave her his most charming smile and this time she couldn’t resist but to smile back.

Benjamin excused himself and left the room while Tessa sat on the bed with her little sister who was still busy glancing through the photos, who had no intention of interfering with their conversation.

As Benjamin entered the hallway, his mom looked at him and asked: “so when’s the wedding?”

“Mom! Slow down a little I brought you here because you were so stubborn to see her. It’s little too much for her to take all this in, so please” He said looking at his mom with a “please understand look”. Just then Tessa’s mom spoke seeing the expression being passed between the mother and the son “She must have been shocked I guess. Why don’t we give them a little time?”

“That’s actually true! She didn’t expect any of this. So, little time would definitely help and thank you, aunty, for understanding”

“No problem, that’s okay. I’m happy we’ve got to meet at least” she said giving him an understanding smile.

“Yeah that makes two of us and I totally adore Tessa,” he said winking at her as she came out of her room.

They all took leave while Tessa stared at her mom for some serious explanation.

“Mom, really? Then why did I have to meet with David in the first place” she said and was waiting for her mom to answer.


What will her mom say?

Will she accept Benjamin or David?



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Miracles do Happen – Chapter 1


(n.) Survival Juice


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The footsteps of a young girl walking along the deserted road, her skirt ruffling on the gravel as she walks, were the only sound heard. She stops in front of a café and raises her head to inhale the exotic smell of freshly brewed coffee and then she entered into the café which displayed a sign on the door saying “closed”. Has she enters the few people who were preparing the shop for the day, greets her. Tessa smiles at them as she enters and waves her hand at few.

“Hey there! Is everything ready? Almost time to open the café” she says

The waitress and the chefs who were grouped at one end of the kitchen looks up at her. One timid looking girl bows down her head showing respect and answers “Yes Mam”.

Tessa’s eyes widen for no particular reason and the waitress looks confused at her

“I’ve told you, just call me Tessa. I don’t like the mam, sir environment”.

Just then the manager walks into the kitchen in search of Tessa.

“Tessa! There you are. I’ve been looking for you everywhere”.

“Really? Everywhere?” She asks grinning at her.

“Well you know what I meant and you need to get ready to meet your visitor if you haven’t forgotten,” The manager says in a rigid voice.

“Oops I totally forgot” Tessa replies cringing her shoulders

“There you go” Saying, she gives her I knew it would happen look. After a minute or two, giving them the details about the Menu for the day, she sighs and then walks into her office to get ready.

 A waitress was arranging the sheets on the table while a man walks into the café.

“Sir! We aren’t open yet, will take about 15 minutes before we are open” She says as the man entered, wiping her hands on the apron.

“Well! I have an appointment” He takes out his business card and hands it over to the waitress and continues “I’m here to meet Tessa”.

While the waitress takes the card from him looking confused, the manager of the cafe runs towards them on overhearing the conversation and greets him with a smile.

“I’m sorry,” She replied giving a stern glance at the waitress

“Allow me to guide you to your table” saying she tells the waitress to inform Tessa. The waitress nods and leaves the room and after few minutes Tessa walks into the room and nods at the manager. The manager takes her leave bows at the visitor showing her due respect and leaves them alone.

“Hi David” She greets him with a lovely smile. He stands in return as she walks towards him and says ” You look splendid” hearing which Tessa blushes and sits on the chair opposite to him.

“What would you like to have?”

“I’ve heard we get amazing coffees here. So definitely coffee” he responded with a smirk.

“Of course we serve the best coffee here,” She said raising her shoulder which showed the confidence she possessed.

David smiles at her response as Tessa waves for the waitress, orders for two cups of freshly brewed amazing coffee and then she turns towards him, asking “So how’s work?”

“Great! Dealing with books is good however it’s hectic at times, in fact, this time I did keep my word and brought you a book” saying he hands over the book to Tessa. She takes it and thanks him.

“Aren’t you going to open it?

“Later” saying she keeps the package on the table as he asks the question which she has been trying to avoid.

“This is our fourth meet so far. Tes! What do you think?”

“Yes! I know you want to know the answer but I need to discuss with my parents first.” She says a little hesitantly

“But  …” as he was about to further continue Tessa’s phone rings and disrupts the environment and the conversation stops mid-air. Tessa excuses and leaves the place to attend the call. Meanwhile, the coffee was served and David took a few sips while waiting for her to return.

After few minutes she enters looking worried and confused, seeing her expression David sets the coffee on the table.

“Sorry! I’ve got to leave now. It’s an emergency”

“What happened? Is there a problem?” He asks with concern

“I’m sorry I’ve got to leave…Eh… I don’t know. Mom just called and asked me to come home.” She responds with tension surfacing in every word. Meanwhile, she orders one of the waitresses to bring her bag and stole has she waited impatiently.

“Do you what me to come along?” David asked, walking towards and giving her the package.

“No, it’s okay. Please do have your coffee and thanks for the book again” saying she exits through the door while he stood there watching her with confusion and concern clouding his mind.

Was she faking the call or Was it real?

What must have happened?

To Be Continued…

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Ridin’ the Rails…. – Chapter 5


After all soulmates always end up together…



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An eager pair of eyes was fixed on him, waiting to hear the rest of the story.
Her mother grabbed the cup of coffee that was placed on the coffee table and was about to sip when Gerard spoke again.
“Can I marry your daughter?” the words came, slow, steady and crystal clear.
In that very instant all the actions that were being performed stopped and he could hear his own heart beat echoing in the room. He remained calm though he was complete chaos inside. Their eyes met for a brief moment and he could see the shock in her eyes as she turned towards her mother. Her mother placed the coffee cup on the table and looked at Gerard. Seconds passed and his heart started beating even crazier. No words were exchanged and he waited impatiently.

She turned towards her husband with a blank expression and said
“Can I have a word with you?” and her husband nodded a yes in return. They both got up and left towards the kitchen.
Minutes passed which seemed like hours and he sat there clutching his fist and looking at the love of his life, while she looked at the kitchen and then at him. Occasionally their eyes met and in that brief moment so much of emotions were exchanged.

After about 5 minutes they walked back to the living room and seeing them Gerard stood up.
“This is absurd,” her mother told looking directly at him.
“I know, I’m … I’m sorry, I certainly didn’t know…” He dragged and then continued
“It was only the moment she opened the door I knew but I’m not regretting it” he finished saying while all eyes were transfixed on him.
Her mother went near him “open your mouth” she said, with a confused expression he looked at all three of them.
“Go on,” told her father looking at Gerard. His eyes were fixed on her has he slowly opened his mouth with hesitation. Her mom immediately pushed a sweet into his mouth and smiled at him.
“But you just said this is absurd,” he asked half chewing on the sweet with a cocky grin.
“Yeah…Strange it is, because I’ve secretly wished the story would end up something like this” she said beaming at him. He gave her a broad grin in return, happiness couldn’t be contained and they exchanged a giggle together.
“Welcome to the family!” Her mom said hugging him and her dad gave him a pat on the shoulder.
“Excuse me! Do I even get to say” She asked looking at all three of them
“No” came the reply in unison and followed by laughter.
“You will when I oppose,” she said in a sarcastic tone.

He moved closer to her and she began moving backward. Her parents left giving them a little privacy.
“Look into my eyes,” he said as she kept looking at the floor. Slowly she raised her eyes; he was so close she could hardly breathe
“Will you reject me?” he asked with a sly smile.
“That’s not what I meant,” she said fumbling for words
“Well that’s good enough then,” He said walking away.

She couldn’t sleep at that night. She woke up early and got ready to leave for work. She wore a peach colored kurta matching it with an aqua colored bottom. She looked stunning in every turn she took. With the eagerness of seeing him she headed to the station. Before getting down from the auto she checked herself one last time in the rear mirror and with a smile, she left to catch her 8:40 train.

The whistling sound of the train was heard while her heart made a swift somersault. The train stopped and she got in and instantly she turned the other side of the divider. He stood there wearing a white linen shirt pairing it with a dark blue jean. He was extremely handsome and for some strange reason, she was not able to take her eyes off him. Seeing her he started moving closer to the divider while she stood farther away from it. In one swift action, he leaped to the other side of the compartment. Few of the women were staring at him, while some were uttering words like “What the hell is happening here?”

Her eyes were glued to him, wondering what he is up to.
“Excuse me, ladies, There is something I want to convey to a person right here and I want to do it in your presence,” He told them whilst curiosity filled the air. He walked towards her with his eyes fixed on hers and shuffled his way to kneel in front of her. The whole crowd waited in enticement to know what would happen next. She was shocked and it was unexpected but she knew her answer even before he could ask.
“Will you…” he started “have a cup of coffee with me…?” he paused; a tricky smile passed on his lips looking at her confused expression and after a few seconds passed, he continued “From now to a world of eternity” saying he pulled out the ring from his jean pocket while the crowd gasped.

She looked at him in bewilderment as her cheeks turned red. Seconds passed and the crowd started shouting “Say yes”. She slowly smiled at him and then showed him her hand. The crowd cheered as he put the ring on her finger.  Strangers congratulated them as their station arrived and they got down.

she suddenly stopped walking, turned and looked at him.
“What gave you the confidence that I wouldn’t reject,” she asked raising an eyebrow at him.

He smiled as he answered “I saw it in your eyes” and in return, she gave him the most beautiful smile for the rest of her life… ❤ ❤ ❤

***THE END***


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Ridin’ the Rails…. – Chapter 4

You may not know where the track ends, but persevere and you shall see…

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After a hell of a weekend, it was Monday again. She got dressed with such difficulty since she had no intention to go to work.
“There’s no more difficult transition than Sunday to Monday,” She said aloud while heading downstairs to the kitchen. Hearing it her mom gave her a witty smile.
“Why, don’t you think so?” She asked seeing her smile.
“Well, probably” saying her mom shrugged.
“Seems like you don’t,” she told looking at her mom again.
“Well, maybe” she gestured with a shrug
“Ah! I think I’ll just leave” she headed towards the door while her mom kept laughing.

She reached her station in time to catch her 8:40 train. Looking at the long queue waiting for the same train was tiring. The sound of the whistle was heard and the train was fast approaching raising their heart beats. With great difficulty, she squeezed herself in. Occasionally the thought about him crossed though the train was fully packed and having no chance for her to find him amidst that crowd she did give a try.

Her efforts went futile. She got down in her station and headed to her office. It is going to be a long day, she thought, seeing the amount of work that had come in. With a strong cup of coffee, she started her work. Time flew by with meetings, assigning work and phone calls. It was 6 pm when she finally finished her work and got up to leave.
“Fancy a cup of coffee” a voice came in her direction. She looked up to find a colleague looking down at her cubicle, who has tried to flirt with her ever since she came.
“Nope, I’ve got to head home,” she said picking her bag and walking to the exit.
“Maybe one day you will,” he said howling behind her.
“Never,” she said silently and headed straight out

After a 40 minutes travel, she finally reached home only to find the door locked. She unlocked the door and stepped inside. The table was readily made, juice and supper waiting for her. She smiled and took the glass of juice and sipped, there was a small sticky note attached to the bottom of the glass.
“We will be home late don’t wait up and have your supper – love Mom <3”
She read it and as she was finishing up the glass of juice the door bell rang. With the glass in one hand and mouth full of juice she opened the door
The moment she opened the door she was shocked for there he stood the guy from the train giving her the same expression as well.

Seeing her with wide eyes and mouth full of juice he controlled his laugh and she swallowed immediately. Before they would even speak her parents walked in.
“Hey Gerard!” said her mom casually waving at him while her dad walked behind her
“Hi aunty!” he replied back
“You guys know each other?” she asked her mom in bewilderment
“Of course,” turning towards Gerard she said “Ignore her; she must have mistaken you for a stranger”.

He looked at her and suppressed a smile while she thought “Not really”.
All four of them walked in, their shoulders brushed and he turned and looked at her in the eye.
Only she knew how powerful the way he looked was, as it weakened her legs instantly. She closed the door and followed them.

Looking at the confused expression on his daughter’s face her dad told: “They are coffee buddies working in the same office, remember the new photographer who mom was praising all about?”
“That’s him, a nice young man though,” her father told as they bought coffee and snacks along to the living room where Gerard and her mom were seated.
“So Gerard, what happened did you talk to her?” her mother asked, with so much of curiosity.
He looked at her as her confusion only began to deepen. Her mom’s gaze followed his and seeing her daughter she spoke,
“So there is this girl he sees’s on the train, she must be really beautiful for stealing such a handsome young man’s heart” and continued speaking further
“He was going to talk to her today,” her mom said her attention going back to Gerard again.
She was hardly able to breathe hearing what her mother just said
“So did you?” her mother probed again
“I was about to,” he said looking at her mom and then at her
“So you found her address?” her mom asked him
“Not at first but eventually it happened” he answered.

Her mom was smiling away at him while she stood there unable to speak or move.
“I was about to talk to her but her parents walked in” he continued
“Gosh! That’s a bad luck” her mom replied hearing him and a silent smile passed between him and her.
“So did you tell them? Did they ask?” her mom went on with questions
“I’m about to,” he said



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Ridin’ the Rails…. – Chapter 3

Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a Train…

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Weekends are the only source of happiness for the working lot.
After a hectic week, waiting for Sunday to arrive was moving at a snail’s pace. Two days is not enough time for a weekend they said but rather she had only one day to shut down herself for a complete rest.

Saturday arrived and she was almost thrilled planning the next day off for the most relaxing weekend. She boarded the train that arrived on the same platform almost like every single day but the only difference was it being empty than the usual days. There were hardly three or four people in the compartment. It was quite and she found it peaceful compared to the every day’s noise.

She took a seat near the window and plugged her ears to the music of ARR’s and then took out her book to read. Everything seemed perfect and thoughts about him never crossed. In the following next two stations the people in her compartment got down and now it was completely empty except her. She was reading and never noticed anybody get in. The train picked up speed when a man approached her demanding money, she shook her head telling her firm “No” as people usually do that on the local train.

He approached her even closer and took the place beside her. An eerie feeling passed over her. He wasn’t supposed to be there for the compartment was only meant for women. She stood up to leave and he blocked her by touching her arm. Fear clouded her and she tried to move away but the man locked her position from getting away. Prayer was her only hope and she prayed hard. That’s when she heard a voice come in her direction.
“What are you doing here?” Said the man’s voice as she stayed eyes closed.
The man moved away from her and jumped out of the train that was slowly going to halt.

Few minutes passed and she slowly opened her eyes. No one was found, neither the man who demanded money nor the voice that saved her. It was only in that instance she knew that was the same voice that said: “Hello Sidney”. She searched for him but he was nowhere to be seen and the divider separated her to go any further. She sat down again this time her back towards the divider and for some strange reason she was feeling safe and that there was someone watching over her.

The other side of the divider he was seated and he watched her relax. He never took his eyes off her for he saw the panic in her eyes when the man blocked her from getting away. Thinking of it, he was so angry for the way men behaved when women were left alone. He concealed himself from her as much as he wanted to stay close by.

He had no reason for why he didn’t reveal himself but she was certain it was his voice that she heard and saved.

Will she find him there?
Will he reveal himself?



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Ridin’ the Rails…. – Chapter 2

The only way to be sure of catching a train is to miss the one before it…


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The next day she eagerly boarded the same train that arrived sharp at 8:40 am to the platform number one. It was the same compartment with a small divider but the one thing that was missing was “Him”.

He was nowhere to be seen. Her eyes scanned the entire area, circumference and what not of the train but he wasn’t there.“Did he miss this train” “Was he going out of town?” “Was he a one time visitor” Her mind was scrutinizing through a hundred different questions for which answers weren’t easy to be found.

Every day it became a ritual to board that particular train but she had no idea why though he was nowhere to be seen. Weeks passed and slowly the memories of him started to fade just like a passing train.

As usual, she boarded the 8:40 train and got a place near the divider. She sat down took out her book and started to read. As she came to terms with the thought that he must have been a one time visitor she never searched for him anymore but suddenly things changed.

“Hello, Sidney,” the voice said, she was so much engrossed in the book that the voice almost gave her a jerk. She turned and saw him, yes him. He was standing near the divider overlooking her. She turned and looked at him, controlling herself from smiling any further.


“Yeah! Would you tell me your name if I ask?”

“That’s obviously a “NO”” She said as her peach colored lips turned into a circle and his gaze drifted immediately from her eyes to her lips. Seeing her reaction he smiled while the circle turned back into a  line.

“That’s what your reading,” he implied

“Oh! that’s fine Dan” She replied.

Seeing his confusing gaze her eyes glided to his hand, where he held a copy of “The Inferno by Dan Brown”

He chuckled has a smile slowly passed between the corner of her lips.

She sat there quietly reading and he went back to his position (Leaning and reading the book) quick gazes were interchanged from time to time. They didn’t smile neither did they stare. His station arrived and she raised her head to look at him leaving. He didn’t move but stood there holding the steel rod for support and was directly gawking at her. The last person got down but he never moved an inch. She looked at him and then outside at the station and his eyes followed hers. The sound of the horn was heard and the train slowly started to crawl away. She looked at him perplexed while he stood there calm and extremely handsome in a white linen shirt and his hair being tousled by the breeze. She tried to read but unable to, she just sat there staring at the book and occasionally at him. The train pulled to the last station and she got up to leave and he got down too. She brushed across him and started walking, heading towards the stairs and he followed.

“Oh god, no,” she thought her mind disoriented while he quietly followed her close. She walked as fast as she possibly can while he took long strides to keep up with her. She reached the crowd that was waiting to cross the road and she stood with them and he stood beside her. Her eyes fixed on the trafficator waiting for it to turn green. She could feel his presence seep through her with each ticking off the clock.

“Finally,” She said aloud as the indicator turned green while he smiled hearing it. She walked with the rest of them and him with her. When she half crossed and reached the median she almost tripped, he caught her hand and her world shook. It was just a fraction of second that it happened and her mind turned blank but one thing was certain her heart was pounding so fast that it would break open the rib cage. She somehow made through the other half of the road with her wobbly legs and an uncontrollably  beating heart. She continued walking forgetting which direction she had to go.

“Breathe,” he said brushing past her and with one last glance he disappeared into the crowd…

Her mind raised while her eyes searched for him in every direction…

Would they meet again was the question that kept both of them thinking while heading in different directions…

Would they?


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Ridin’ the Rails…. – Chapter 1

There’s something about the sound of a train that’s very romantic and nostalgic and hopeful…

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The sound of the alarm clock was like six different annoying sound put together as one. It was blaring and unceasing and crippling one’s thoughts from a peaceful sleep. Hearing the ear-splitting sound she jolted up and smashed on the snooze button as hard as she could. “It’s Monday, “she told herself, cursing as she headed to finish of her morning routine and rush to work. Monday is the most difficult day of the week and yes it indeed is, after a hell of a weekend, you’ve got to go to work to pay your bills. That’s when we realize that money just doesn’t fall from the tree.

After an hour or so she got ready and she picked her bag to leave when her mother yelled from the kitchen “So your again skipping breakfast aren’t you?”
“Mom I’m already 10 minutes late and I don’t think I will catch the usual train” She responded as her mom kept staring at her. After few seconds she responded “Fine, pack it,” and in minutes her mom handed her the breakfast box.

She half walked and half ran because she had to take an auto and then catch the train. Time was fleeting she had already missed her usual train but she still had hope that she will make in time to the office if she catches the next one.

She reached the station and while she was getting her ticket she heard the sound of the train coming to a halt. She rushed past the crowd, running on the stairs and then she zig zagged past the crowd and finally made it to the train. It felt like an achievement for her cause the train only waits for 3 minutes. She was almost out of breath and was sweating profusely, Monday trains are usually crowded than the other days. The train started to move and has the breeze touched her she started to relax. She took the corner of her dupatta (that compliments an Indian attire) and wiped the sweat on her forehead and that’s when their eyes met.

He stood far corner of the same compartment which they shared but a small divider separated them. There was something in him that made her to turn again, to have a second glance. The instance she turned she knew why. “OMG he is reading,” she said to herself. In a world of technology, he stood there holding a book and reading it. Her eyes scanned to read the name of the book but the crowded train never gave her chance.

She made glances at him now and then and often got caught by his gaze. When that happens she immediately turned away. The crowded train slowly started to become deserted and she finally got a place to sit. This time she took out her book and started to read while he closed his. He kept gazing at her and sometimes at her book. She still tried to read the name of his book when he wasn’t looking at her way but luck wasn’t at her side.

There were only four more stations for her to reach the destination. She looked at her watch and thanked God for she will reach on time. She didn’t want to be late on a Monday morning.

The train slowly halted at a station, almost all of them got down and so did he. She bent and saw the name of the station and thought to herself “I wish I get to read the name of the book” and as she turned towards the window for one last glance at him. He stood there close to the window holding the book right against his chest, showing her the name of the book. Seeing his gesture her eyes opened wide and her cheeks flushed red. As the train started to crawl from the station she heard him say “Until next time” and he walked away with a smile while she sat there thinking “Damn that’s an awesome book”

Would there be a next time…?

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