One Little Conversation…


A conversation is a informal talk between two or more people in which news or ideas are exchanged. Isn’t that is what we learnt in school? We have conversations with ‘n’ number of people we meet in our journey of life. Some we cherish close to our heart and some we wish to forget. Be it a conversation with a stranger or a close one we do learn something out of every conversation. Now a days people don’t have time to have a face to face conversation but everything is told through a text. Be it Proposals or break up’s everything as become so easy with a single text. Probably that’s were the problem starts but we fail to recognize it. Expressions, words and tone of speech sums it up together which makes a conversation far better than a text or a mail.

Conversations teach us life lessons when we feel lost , gives us hope when we feel down, makes us laugh and puts our heart at ease. In this world of technology we forget what’s in front of us and live in a virtual world where reality seems far. Our heads are always bent looking at the technology in our hands where everything resides in our palm. It makes you stay connected with the other part of the world ignoring the place you live . Technology makes us become close with the people who are far in distance but what about the ones that live with us day in and day out? Be it anger, love or for that matter any kind of emotion it means a lot in person than any other medium of communication.

So …
Think …
When was the last time you had a real conversation? When was the last time you put your mobile down to actually talk or listen to someone? When was the last time you sat with someone just to speak?

So Take some time and put your gadget down.. go meet people and have real conversations because..
One conversation can change a person’s life.. might give someone hope.. might save someone from choosing a wrong path.. might give someone an idea to change the world … or might even bring meaning to someone’s life…

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Let’s lift our heads and see the people around us. Spend time more with the people than with the gadgets and when you leave…

Make sure you leave them with a smile…😊

P.S : It’s time for real conversations in this robotic world..


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A Ray of Sunshine …

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Is life really complicated or are we complicating it?
This question often crosses my mind. So what do you think… are we or is it??
There are lot of moments in life which go unexplained. Where we go in search of answers or try to find reason’s. It certainly isn’t easy to find but somethings are best to be left has a mystery. The more the complication the less you understand and when the more you understand the more untold mystery surrounds you.

Life is about feelings and emotions where we are sometimes relaxed, perturbed, happy, sad, emotionless, kind or disturbed. When we are having the most happiest time in our lives something terrible happens, really terrible that the next minute you wonder why? Why does this have to happen? Why me? And in fact there are all type of crazy questions we ask our lives. No matter what it is, its always difficult for us to accept the bad things but the good things we welcome with open arms.
Life is a roller coaster ride which we forget many a times and wanting only to be happy. But there is something that we have to remember it’s the up’s and down’s that gives it a balance. Every concept around us is about balance. The yin and yang, day and night, heaven and hell, sun and moon, land and water. So when everything around us accepts the balance why don’t we?
It’s a long road in which some travel alone, some want to travel alone but eventually we travel alone so in this journey of life lets embrace the good things and be grateful for the bad because they give us the strength, helps us to fight back, gives us hope, and makes us believe in magic.
Let’s leave the mystery to be a mystery and not to reason the untold. None can deny the fact that life is complicated but let’s not complicate it even more.
And so…
When life knocks you down and when things go out of control, believe in a little bit of sunshine, a little bit of hope.
We struggle, we fight and in a period of time we withdraw ourselves losing hope. So In all those moments when we are exposed to a hail storm, tornadoes, Earthquakes that shatters our life’s our heart’s. When we are completely drained of our strength remember

Miracles do Happen …


A pure connection…


Is darkness your worst nightmare or an unforgettable dream?

I was gazing at the stars and found myself lost in its eternity. Thousands of miles away yet shining with all its might.. I never wondered darkness would ever be this beautiful. Filling your eyes with its tiny little glitters. Looking into the void raises hundreds of questions for which answers can never be found. But it still brings a inner peace and you find yourself relaxing. Even which a masseuse would fail. For many I know darkness have always been a nightmare but when you tend to admire the beauty of it you will find it as an unforgettable dream. A pure connection only you and the universe understand. If you have felt that connection you would understand the feeling were words fail to explain. It makes you lose yourself into the world of infinity. Its like a book with no ending. A thirst which cannot be quenched. A milestone which can never be reached. And so if you ever get a chance of looking into the night sky in this busy world do remember to feel the connection. Let your mind wander and lose yourself in its infinities.

From a person who was fond of light now fell in love with the darkness of the night …

Sound or Music



What is your favorite sound?  Have anyone asked you this question? If not ask yourselves now.

Is it the ticking of the clock or is it the sound of the rain drops ? Is it the sound of an automobile racing or is it the sound of the waves ?  Is it the sound of metals or is it the sound of a temple bell ?  Is it the sound of your mobile phone or is it the sound of laughter ? Is it the sound of leaving or is it the sound of returning home ?

Some call it music some call it sound. Be it music or sound it depends on how you hear it. When you listen to music or just plain sound those silent moments are the precious ones that you gift yourselves with.We always love listening to music composed by someone but have we ever taken time to listen to the sound of nature. We are all busy running, racing down the road of life forgetting to pause, forgetting to listen and forgetting to live. When was the last time you listened to the sounds around you? Try explaining the sound of a dog barking, the chirping sound of the birds, the sound of the wind or the simple sound of laughter to a deaf child then you will realize how much you are blessed. So why not we take time to listen? If your reading this now, pause and listen to the sounds around you there may be a music which you had missed or will miss for a life time . Take a moment and enjoy the sounds which is not only music but magic around you.

                                      Pause , Listen , Live and feel the magic

The water that brought in Humanity

Have you experienced the feeling of being cut from the rest of the world?

Being a Chennaivaasi I experienced it for the first time. Five dark days can never be forgotten. Sitting near the window and listening to the sound of the heavy down pour hoping with every drop it stops. The place itself glowed in the candle light. Floods and lost signals brought out the humanity that mankind possessed so far. Though there have been a lot of damage done the water goddess have again taught us our life’s lesson that money and technology isn’t everything in life. It is people who stand for each other forgetting your caste creed and religion.Thousands have lost their home,property, educational certificates and all other important documents and they stood in the roads with nothing but empty hands. People came in large numbers to volunteer for the victims that lost everything to the water. The best part of Chennai is we never waited for help to come but jumped in immediately to save the fellow people. The brotherhood seen here have definitely made many heads turn. Chennai is fighting back and it will rise again to be one of the strong and beautiful city ever. This incident has changed many peoples life be it rich or poor. Nature has a lot of patience but when that is lost the consequences are unbearable. They say water always finds its way and it can never be stopped. So respect nature and the people living in it cause if you do, It will respect you back. And yes this definitely goes down in the history of Chennai and our lives.

P.S: May the souls of the lives lost in the flood’s of Chennai rest in peace.