Ridin’ the Rails…. – Chapter 3

Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a Train…

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Weekends are the only source of happiness for the working lot.
After a hectic week, waiting for Sunday to arrive was moving at a snail’s pace. Two days is not enough time for a weekend they said but rather she had only one day to shut down herself for a complete rest.

Saturday arrived and she was almost thrilled planning the next day off for the most relaxing weekend. She boarded the train that arrived on the same platform almost like every single day but the only difference was it being empty than the usual days. There were hardly three or four people in the compartment. It was quite and she found it peaceful compared to the every day’s noise.

She took a seat near the window and plugged her ears to the music of ARR’s and then took out her book to read. Everything seemed perfect and thoughts about him never crossed. In the following next two stations the people in her compartment got down and now it was completely empty except her. She was reading and never noticed anybody get in. The train picked up speed when a man approached her demanding money, she shook her head telling her firm “No” as people usually do that on the local train.

He approached her even closer and took the place beside her. An eerie feeling passed over her. He wasn’t supposed to be there for the compartment was only meant for women. She stood up to leave and he blocked her by touching her arm. Fear clouded her and she tried to move away but the man locked her position from getting away. Prayer was her only hope and she prayed hard. That’s when she heard a voice come in her direction.
“What are you doing here?” Said the man’s voice as she stayed eyes closed.
The man moved away from her and jumped out of the train that was slowly going to halt.

Few minutes passed and she slowly opened her eyes. No one was found, neither the man who demanded money nor the voice that saved her. It was only in that instance she knew that was the same voice that said: “Hello Sidney”. She searched for him but he was nowhere to be seen and the divider separated her to go any further. She sat down again this time her back towards the divider and for some strange reason she was feeling safe and that there was someone watching over her.

The other side of the divider he was seated and he watched her relax. He never took his eyes off her for he saw the panic in her eyes when the man blocked her from getting away. Thinking of it, he was so angry for the way men behaved when women were left alone. He concealed himself from her as much as he wanted to stay close by.

He had no reason for why he didn’t reveal himself but she was certain it was his voice that she heard and saved.

Will she find him there?
Will he reveal himself?



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Ridin’ the Rails…. – Chapter 2

The only way to be sure of catching a train is to miss the one before it…


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The next day she eagerly boarded the same train that arrived sharp at 8:40 am to the platform number one. It was the same compartment with a small divider but the one thing that was missing was “Him”.

He was nowhere to be seen. Her eyes scanned the entire area, circumference and what not of the train but he wasn’t there.“Did he miss this train” “Was he going out of town?” “Was he a one time visitor” Her mind was scrutinizing through a hundred different questions for which answers weren’t easy to be found.

Every day it became a ritual to board that particular train but she had no idea why though he was nowhere to be seen. Weeks passed and slowly the memories of him started to fade just like a passing train.

As usual, she boarded the 8:40 train and got a place near the divider. She sat down took out her book and started to read. As she came to terms with the thought that he must have been a one time visitor she never searched for him anymore but suddenly things changed.

“Hello, Sidney,” the voice said, she was so much engrossed in the book that the voice almost gave her a jerk. She turned and saw him, yes him. He was standing near the divider overlooking her. She turned and looked at him, controlling herself from smiling any further.


“Yeah! Would you tell me your name if I ask?”

“That’s obviously a “NO”” She said as her peach colored lips turned into a circle and his gaze drifted immediately from her eyes to her lips. Seeing her reaction he smiled while the circle turned back into a  line.

“That’s what your reading,” he implied

“Oh! that’s fine Dan” She replied.

Seeing his confusing gaze her eyes glided to his hand, where he held a copy of “The Inferno by Dan Brown”

He chuckled has a smile slowly passed between the corner of her lips.

She sat there quietly reading and he went back to his position (Leaning and reading the book) quick gazes were interchanged from time to time. They didn’t smile neither did they stare. His station arrived and she raised her head to look at him leaving. He didn’t move but stood there holding the steel rod for support and was directly gawking at her. The last person got down but he never moved an inch. She looked at him and then outside at the station and his eyes followed hers. The sound of the horn was heard and the train slowly started to crawl away. She looked at him perplexed while he stood there calm and extremely handsome in a white linen shirt and his hair being tousled by the breeze. She tried to read but unable to, she just sat there staring at the book and occasionally at him. The train pulled to the last station and she got up to leave and he got down too. She brushed across him and started walking, heading towards the stairs and he followed.

“Oh god, no,” she thought her mind disoriented while he quietly followed her close. She walked as fast as she possibly can while he took long strides to keep up with her. She reached the crowd that was waiting to cross the road and she stood with them and he stood beside her. Her eyes fixed on the trafficator waiting for it to turn green. She could feel his presence seep through her with each ticking off the clock.

“Finally,” She said aloud as the indicator turned green while he smiled hearing it. She walked with the rest of them and him with her. When she half crossed and reached the median she almost tripped, he caught her hand and her world shook. It was just a fraction of second that it happened and her mind turned blank but one thing was certain her heart was pounding so fast that it would break open the rib cage. She somehow made through the other half of the road with her wobbly legs and an uncontrollably  beating heart. She continued walking forgetting which direction she had to go.

“Breathe,” he said brushing past her and with one last glance he disappeared into the crowd…

Her mind raised while her eyes searched for him in every direction…

Would they meet again was the question that kept both of them thinking while heading in different directions…

Would they?


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Swish and flick

The boy who lived and always will… ❤ ❤ ❤


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It’s been twenty years I fell in love this hard with this book, in fact, the complete series.  A never ending love that just kick started from the very first page.
It was this day that a world of magic was born.

I still can remember I was 11years old when I first picked this book among thousands of the other book in my school library for the first time. There was something about this book that the moment I pulled it out I wanted to read not just a page or two but the entire book.

The first book I read within the allotted time limit given by the librarian. She was shocked that I, in fact, returned it the next day.

“Did you read?” She asked with her stern eyes.
“Oh yes! The entire book” I said gleaming at her.

It did change everything, not just for me but millions of people. It was indeed because of this book I became an avid reader and a little bit of a writer and I’m proud of that. Harry Potter is just not a name, it’s much more and beyond.

It’s a legacy for millions of harry potter nerds who have become to be a part of it and just cannot part from it. I have laughed, giggled, cried and lived with this series. In fact, I totally grew up with it. Obsession can never be this amazing. A harry potter fan would completely understand what I mean. Waiting for the book to arrive, tear open the cover and not just hold but hug the book for minutes and sometimes even hours and then at a stretch finish it.

For me, Harry Potter opened up a world of imagination, love for reading and taught me to enjoy the world beyond the pages of paper. And this is one thing that I want and will pass on to my generations to come. If you’ve read Harry Potter you are simply my type of person. If you have read you know what you haven’t missed, if you have not you will never know what you have truly missed.

And for the people who think they are too old to read this series… THIS IS A BOOK FOR ALL AGES…

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”

P.S Thank you, JK for bringing this awesome book to us and making our childhood an amazing one …

Hogwarts will always be home ❤ ❤ ❤


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Ridin’ the Rails…. – Chapter 1

There’s something about the sound of a train that’s very romantic and nostalgic and hopeful…

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The sound of the alarm clock was like six different annoying sound put together as one. It was blaring and unceasing and crippling one’s thoughts from a peaceful sleep. Hearing the ear-splitting sound she jolted up and smashed on the snooze button as hard as she could. “It’s Monday, “she told herself, cursing as she headed to finish of her morning routine and rush to work. Monday is the most difficult day of the week and yes it indeed is, after a hell of a weekend, you’ve got to go to work to pay your bills. That’s when we realize that money just doesn’t fall from the tree.

After an hour or so she got ready and she picked her bag to leave when her mother yelled from the kitchen “So your again skipping breakfast aren’t you?”
“Mom I’m already 10 minutes late and I don’t think I will catch the usual train” She responded as her mom kept staring at her. After few seconds she responded “Fine, pack it,” and in minutes her mom handed her the breakfast box.

She half walked and half ran because she had to take an auto and then catch the train. Time was fleeting she had already missed her usual train but she still had hope that she will make in time to the office if she catches the next one.

She reached the station and while she was getting her ticket she heard the sound of the train coming to a halt. She rushed past the crowd, running on the stairs and then she zig zagged past the crowd and finally made it to the train. It felt like an achievement for her cause the train only waits for 3 minutes. She was almost out of breath and was sweating profusely, Monday trains are usually crowded than the other days. The train started to move and has the breeze touched her she started to relax. She took the corner of her dupatta (that compliments an Indian attire) and wiped the sweat on her forehead and that’s when their eyes met.

He stood far corner of the same compartment which they shared but a small divider separated them. There was something in him that made her to turn again, to have a second glance. The instance she turned she knew why. “OMG he is reading,” she said to herself. In a world of technology, he stood there holding a book and reading it. Her eyes scanned to read the name of the book but the crowded train never gave her chance.

She made glances at him now and then and often got caught by his gaze. When that happens she immediately turned away. The crowded train slowly started to become deserted and she finally got a place to sit. This time she took out her book and started to read while he closed his. He kept gazing at her and sometimes at her book. She still tried to read the name of his book when he wasn’t looking at her way but luck wasn’t at her side.

There were only four more stations for her to reach the destination. She looked at her watch and thanked God for she will reach on time. She didn’t want to be late on a Monday morning.

The train slowly halted at a station, almost all of them got down and so did he. She bent and saw the name of the station and thought to herself “I wish I get to read the name of the book” and as she turned towards the window for one last glance at him. He stood there close to the window holding the book right against his chest, showing her the name of the book. Seeing his gesture her eyes opened wide and her cheeks flushed red. As the train started to crawl from the station she heard him say “Until next time” and he walked away with a smile while she sat there thinking “Damn that’s an awesome book”

Would there be a next time…?

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It’s that Day of the year!!!

I suggest you to read from bottom to the top… 🙂


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A very happy Twenty Five…

It’s that day of the year that comes once in a while…

It’s that day of the year were people who barely know you makes an effort to wish you and bring a smile.

It’s that day of the year where people who knew you for decades forgets to wish you on the very day. (guess they didn’t check FB 😛 )

It’s that day of the year where your phone keeps ringing from day on till night.

It’s that day of the year where your notifications keeps pouring in only because Facebook remembered you and begged people to wish you! 😛

It’s that day of the year where no matter how old you turn, you still become a child.

It’s that day of the year where you blow the candle still hoping for the wishes to come true.

It’s that day of the year where you get a chance to start new.

It’s that day of the year where a single text from a faraway friend means a lot.

It’s that day of the year where you feel special for a simple thing like being remembered.

It’s that day of the year where you do not regret growing older because you know its a privilege denied to many.

It’s that day of the year where you know being alive is life’s greatest blessing.

It’s that day of the year where you get to eat a lot of cake 😛

It’s that day of the year where you wish yourself when the clock strikes 12.

It’s that day of the year were you wake up feeling happy yet confused.


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Note to self

Well it seems the day has finally come. 🙂

So here’s wishing you a very happy happy birthday Sandra Jennifer. T  and you certainly deserve much more..

mmuahhhhh! ❤  XOXO


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Music that’s made Visible…


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She sat near the window with a curious gaze

From where she had the perfect view

For there he stood, her heart beats a little slow

More handsome than the Greek gods were ever made

Across the floor he stared at her with a constant gaze

Making her fumble with an innocent smile

He crossed the oceans of beautiful girls

Heading straight towards her in one large stride

Asking her for a dance with a silent gaze

She nodded a yes seeing him kneel

They stood together, his hands a firm grip

This made them look more like a couple with a fantastic mix

The music played and his hands wrapped around her slender waist

Breath shortened, eyes met and the crowd praised

Legs turned, bodies bent and hearts raced

There was a mystery in the way their body swayed

They never had a chance to be life partners

But became the perfect partners in the world of dances were made…

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