Week 1 – Dialogue Prompt

Are you up for a challenge?

Then you seem to have landed on the right page.

This is time to play with words, to enjoy ones writing without thinking about a score or what others might even think.

May be you will share, may be you won’t but I do secretly hope you definitely share. No matter what this place is for, This is for you so just let the words come, in whatever form they come in.

A place not just to write but to read, comment and like. Feel free to write, play with the dialogues and build up a story. Its all about your imagination.

So go on… why wait ? All you have to do is to take up the challenge.

Rules – well!!! There are no rules but may be a little tip

  •  Write write and write. Don’t stop, let the words come, even when they don’t make sense. Its okay just write but make sure the prompt is included  😛
  • Its okay if your story is lame or stupid or whatever but make sure to post it and they might be liked, commented or even appreciated. You might never know
  • Its completely your story, your challenge and your imagination so why put a full stop.
  • The prompts will be posted every Friday so try posting before every Thursday.
  •   Let your story be a page or two so its easy for people to read, comment and enjoy.
  •  Use hastag   #WeeklyDialogueprompt on Facebook
  • Make sure to tag your post with  #WeeklyDialoguePrompt. This will make it easier for others to find it on Reader.
  • Please link back https://purpleorangesite.wordpress.com/prompts/ to the weekly dialogue prompt  so it would be easy to do a roundup.
  • And the last but not the least, its all about having fun. So don’t forget to have fun.

Let your imagination run wild…

Happy Writing!!!

And here is to your #1 Dialogue prompt Challenge