A year older… A year wiser…

I turned 29 this week, amidst this huge pandemic situation another year passed being locked indoors and the freedom to explore has been cut short.  Though the thought of how much I missed being outdoors on my birthday played on my mind. This year it was indeed different besides for a change I liked being indoors. It is a blessing many of us are surviving this and still fighting this pandemic that never seems to end. In all this chaos I discovered that becoming older and getting through this, is considered to be a true blessing.  

Therefore, as I turn 29, I would like to say thank you for 29 things that I consider to be a blessing in this small life of mine.

  1. Mommy’s lap and the stories that come along
  2. Husband’s tea with the extra bit of Chaaaaai 😛
  3. Friend’s unexpected surprise
  4. Cozy comforter and the warmth that it gives ❤
  5. Netflix series – what would I do without these 😀
  6. Sister’s advice and my go to keeper
  7. Open windows and the sunshine that it brings along
  8. Late night conversations the best of all
  9. Hot soup never truly appreciated until now
  10. Long phone calls the much-needed dose of happiness
  11. Being paid of course a blessing in these uncertain times
  12. Midnight cooking something that I enjoy doing
  13. Birthday candles adding another year
  14. Clear sky the bit of freshness it brings to the soul
  15. No cooking days – much loved days 😛
  16. Online shopping that keeps me busy indoors
  17. Writing again – always a pleasure
  18. Mommy’s cooking tips life saver moments
  19. Movie nights and the added popcorns along with it
  20. Video calls the new way connecting
  21. Turning a year older
  22. Experiencing life through closed doors
  23. Loud music to lift the spirit high
  24. Ice cream nights – the yummiest of all 😊
  25. Working from Home
  26. Scented candles that actually helps in relaxing
  27. No dress up days
  28. Learning something new
  29. A perfect 29th Birthday


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