Day 8 – Dream-catchers

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#8 – Dream-catchers

Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams…



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Do you know what a Dream-catcher is…
They say it protects by filtering your bad dreams and letting the good ones to pass through.

They are fascinating little things making me wonder “How were these beautiful things made and the story behind it”.
So when I did my little research, I found extremely interesting facts and captivating stories.

Read on, If you want to know more…

First, there is no definite story on how they evolved. There are many different versions with time. Let me tell you two different stories.

Story one

A chief whose child became awfully sick with a fever had terrible nightmares. A medicine woman made him a dream catcher by copying the pattern of a spider web. Instead of catching flies, the dream catcher would catch the bad dreams. When nightmares came for the child, they were caught in the strands of sinew. But good dreams were able to pass through the web and follow the feather down to the child.
In the morning, the sun rays would burn away the bad dreams that were caught on the dream catcher.

The other story goes like this…

Another legend tells the tale of a spider weaving its web in a window while a grandmother watched from her bed. When her grandson tried to squash the spider, the woman stopped him. The spider, grateful that her life was spared, gifted the grandmother with the web and told her that it would catch all of her bad dreams but let the good dreams through.

Intriguing isn’t it…

Here are some interesting facts about them
• Dream catchers have been around over thousand years
• Over 300,000 people a month search information on dream catchers
• Over 17 million dream catchers are sold every year
• The natives that first began making dream catchers spoke a language called Ojibwe which nobody speaks to this day.
• The tribe that invented dream catchers called it an “Asabikeshiinh” which means spider
• 1 in every 18 homes in the United States owns a dream catcher.
• Dream catchers design has not changed in over 1000 years, they differ in style but the original design still lives on today.
• Bigger dream catchers are said to protect the whole family rather than individual people.
• No study has ever proven dream catchers do work, but no study has shown that they don’t work.

Well, it was indeed interesting to write about Dream-catchers…

Now I’m going to get one…

How about you?

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