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It’s been twenty years I fell in love this hard with this book, in fact, the complete series.  A never ending love that just kick started from the very first page.
It was this day that a world of magic was born.

I still can remember I was 11years old when I first picked this book among thousands of the other book in my school library for the first time. There was something about this book that the moment I pulled it out I wanted to read not just a page or two but the entire book.

The first book I read within the allotted time limit given by the librarian. She was shocked that I, in fact, returned it the next day.

“Did you read?” She asked with her stern eyes.
“Oh yes! The entire book” I said gleaming at her.

It did change everything, not just for me but millions of people. It was indeed because of this book I became an avid reader and a little bit of a writer and I’m proud of that. Harry Potter is just not a name, it’s much more and beyond.

It’s a legacy for millions of harry potter nerds who have become to be a part of it and just cannot part from it. I have laughed, giggled, cried and lived with this series. In fact, I totally grew up with it. Obsession can never be this amazing. A harry potter fan would completely understand what I mean. Waiting for the book to arrive, tear open the cover and not just hold but hug the book for minutes and sometimes even hours and then at a stretch finish it.

For me, Harry Potter opened up a world of imagination, love for reading and taught me to enjoy the world beyond the pages of paper. And this is one thing that I want and will pass on to my generations to come. If you’ve read Harry Potter you are simply my type of person. If you have read you know what you haven’t missed, if you have not you will never know what you have truly missed.

And for the people who think they are too old to read this series… THIS IS A BOOK FOR ALL AGES…

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”

P.S Thank you, JK for bringing this awesome book to us and making our childhood an amazing one …

Hogwarts will always be home ❤ ❤ ❤


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