To breathe again…

This is a story where reality and imagination collides… Do read and leave a comment…


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He stood there waiting outside the elevator feeling restless, looking at the display above it as the number started to ascend. His heart raced as the elevator destined to its desired floor. He looked at his wrist watch and the needle was placed in such a way they were showing a 90 degree angle. She usually comes at 11 am he says to himself.

His heart started thumping faster and faster while his mind replayed the questions he wanted to ask for the 200th time. The display pinged distracting him and he looked when the elevator reached the 3rd floor. The door slides and she stepped out. Her eyes first fell on his neck and then she raised her head to see his face. His eyes were already fixed on hers. He was tall and majestic and she was all the opposite of what he was. Their eyes finally met making him forget every word that was rehearsed even secs before. Her eyes grew bigger seeing him look at her. There is definitely something in those eyes he thought. The same sentence crossed her mind at the very same time. She moved to leave and he caught her hand as a reflex reaction. She jerked and while her eyes searched the entire reception area not wanting someone to start an unnecessary gossip.

“Follow me” he said pulling her towards the fire exist. He pushed opened the door and started to descend the flight of stairs dragging her behind him. He finally  stood in-between both the floors. She followed quietly not saying a word. she looked at him as he turned and saw her questioning gaze. Her eyes dropped on her hand which was still locked in the firm grip of his hand. His eyes followed hers knowing what it was he removed it immediately.

“sorry” was all that he would think of but his lips never moved. Her eyes met his again. A look so intense shortening his breathe. They looked at each-other like they were about to kiss. Not able to breathe
“I need oxygen” he said
“ what?” she asked confused and concerned
“Are you able to breathe?” he asked abruptly moving inches closer.
She gave a shy smile responding “yes”.
“I need an extremely large amount of oxygen… Excuse me” he said dashing out of the door.

The moment he left she gasped for air remembering to breathe again