“What kind of person are you? ” she asked him with curiosity in her eyes.

“Me? Well I’m a person who doesn’t have courtesy or manners… Who sees a text and never reply for hours… A person who calls you continuously for days and then totally ignores you for weeks.. Who is always busy no matter even when I’m free… A person who makes plans and then totally avoids without a reason and never apologizes for it… A person with full of pride.. A male chauvinist… Never cares about the other person… In short a complete total jerk…

So.. You still want to become friends?”  he asked in  a sarcastic tone

She looked at him. Meaning transforming from person to person… After a whole minute she replied ..

“Yes!!! totally.. its worth having a friend who speaks the truth” she ended the sentence astonishing him with her reply. He tilted his head and gave her a broad smile just plain straight and sincere.

“Friends?” he asked, she nodded a yes and they both shook hands which was the beginning of a bond…