Should I wait or Walk away…

When it was all worth waiting for …


Picture courtesy – Pinterest

Why did you say you loved me?

When all you knew was to run away

Why did you promise to stay?

When your only intention was to go away

Why did you make me daydream?

When you knew you would never remain

Why did you make my heart beat faster?

When all you wanted was to turn away

But I remember you say

That you loved me even when your world swayed

Why now after all this time

Why do you want to leave when I’m ready to stay

Now tell me or show me a way?

Should I wait or walk away

Copyrighted © November 28th, 2016-17 fetinatwinkle| purpleorangesite. All rights reserved

28 thoughts on “Should I wait or Walk away…

  1. Loving someone was never a choice for us. We loved them because we wanted to love and we can’t blame anyone for that.Ya moving on is difficult but u know what time heals the wounds or help us to rejoin that broken pieces back and if it doesn’t it will definitely teach you and give you strength to live with that pain I m saying this from my personal experience And what should i say about your words they are really superb the word’s which come from heart eventually touches my heart too great work ❤❤

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      1. Pleasure and let me tell u u are very sweet some lines for u hope u like it

        A beautiful girl delights the eye,
        A wise girl delights the understanding,
        And a pure one like you delights the soul.

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  2. Making the decision is hard. You want to leave cause of the hurt, but you don’t know if waiting is the right thing, and that by leaving you are loosing something very great.

    Gone through a few posts in your blog. You write lovely.

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