And when the night comes…

I have no idea how this story sounds… so can you let me know by leaving a comment below…


Every time she returns home only after the sunset never relaxed always worrying about the next day of work, she walks slowly immersing herself in the moonlight trying herself to relax. Preferring the night over the day made her feel different, but for others, she sounded weird. It was a lonely walk from the office to her place but she secretly enjoyed it. One day on her way home from the office she saw a guy sitting on the bench waiting for someone. He was tall, handsome, poised and mesmerizingly attractive which will certainly make any girl fall for him at the very first sight and she was no exception. Seeing him her legs refused to move, she just stood there enchanted by his beauty only to realize he was staring back at her. The cold night breeze swept her hair from her face and he immediately cringed covering his nose with his hand. They were just looking at each other for a few seconds and then he looked away like nothing happened. Seeing his expression she made her mind to leave the place in a hurry before she developed any further interest in him but little did she know that she had already fallen for his charm. She reached her home without turning back though she had a feeling of being followed. Locking the door she settled on the couch breathing heavily her thoughts wandered back to him, an angel fallen from heaven who took a taste of her soul. On her way to the office, she unknowingly took the same route with a little hope of seeing him again but he was nowhere to be found. Her anticipation grew as the night came, she took the same route at the same time just to have a glance of him and then she saw a large man holding a pink umbrella stood in the darkness peering amicably at her. She knew at the very instance it was him though she couldn’t see him clearly in the darkness. Seeing her he moved towards the bench his skin glowing like a marble in the moonlight. Her eyes were fixed on him while her mind demanded answers for the hundred questions that were screaming within her.

“Why and what could be the reason he came back again? Is it just merely a coincidence or is it a twist of fate.”

“Perhaps destiny” he answered which startled her, his voice was undeniably alluring.

“Sorry did you just answer me? ” she asked confused for which he only shrugged. Perplexed she went home straight seeing him walk away.

The next day she made up her mind to ask him all that she wanted to know. She spent hours in her office writing down all the questions for which she needed answers. The clock struck and the moon appeared peeking between the clouds and her legs moved so quickly that she arrived less than the time she usually takes to reach and when she arrived she saw him lounging on the bench with all his glory. She caught him looking at her, he turned away hastily and that is not the only time she caught him looking at her.

“Who are you?” she finally asked, the words echoed in the night sky

“I’m flesh and blood…,” He paused and then continued

“But not human…” Her eyes caught his and instant of fear hovered over her and she took few steps to move away. A speeding car came in her direction fear blinded her eyes and her legs were glued to the ground. And in seconds she was in his arms safe and secure. Their souls connected but fear of knowledge persuaded her heart.

“How long?” was all that she asked

“I haven’t been human for two hundred years now”

“Your hands are cold,” she said

“And I run fast” he completed

Their eyes were transfixed on each other and he slowly bent towards her and she thought…

“Is it going to be a kiss or a bite?”…

Copyrighted ©February 14th, 2017-18 fetinatwinkle| purpleorangesite. All rights reserved

62 thoughts on “And when the night comes…

  1. Hmm🤔…. That’s a tough question! It would be a kiss according to me, of he bites, just go tell him, “Dude its February, and we humans only express love in this month, so why don’t you make the most of the opportunity?”….😉😋😜

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